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The Qualit'Air Program has, since its launch in 2002, a set of actions and measures against air pollution:

• Establishment of a network of 29 stations and 2 mobile laboratories measuring air quality in 15 cities of the Kingdom;

• Vehicle emissions spot check and awareness campaign on the road between Kenitra and El Jadida;

• In 2004, training of 250 inspectors from the Directorate General of National Security, Gendarmerie Royale, technical visit centers, Ministry of Equipment, and mechanics;

• 17,145 vehicles inspected from 2005 to 2006;

• Awareness campaign on mitigating air pollution, using generic films, posters, leaflets and information days;

• Improved fuel with the introduction of fuel 350 PPM in 2002, a precursor of 50 PPM in 2009 and the 10 PPM in 2016;

• Assessment of the air quality health impacts in the Greater Casablanca region (Eco Epidemiological Study) and data collection on health indicators (mortality and morbidity) and air quality from November 1, 2011 to October 31, 2013 among 34% of Casablanca's population.

• Developed tools:

- A CO2 calculator: for travel compensation (plane, train, car, etc.)

- A GHG footprint calculation tool, based on a carbon database of 300 greenhouse gas emission factors, of which 150 factors specific to Morocco and enable the estimation of GHG emissions of an organization or territory.

• Qualit'Air Agreement signed on February 11 by CGEM and 24 Moroccan companies committed to reducing their carbon footprint.

• The Launch of accompanying project three pilot regions in local governance of air quality and climat : Regional accompanying Plan finalized at the Marrakech region for the establishment of an entity attached to the Regional Observatory for a memorandum of understanding between partners: Foundation, local authorities, National Weather, Ministry for the Environment.


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