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Coastal Preservation

Oued Eddahab Bay


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Message from Her Highness

"Regarding wetlands, Morocco is characterized by the richness of these ecosystems, of which 84 were classified Sites of Biological and Ecological Interest (SIBE), by the protected areas master plan, and 24 were listed as Ramsar sites. Covering over 200,000 ha, these areas host over 700 species of vascular plants and over 1,400 species of vertebrates.

By ratifying the Ramsar Convention in 1980, our country naturally committed to work for the restoration, protection and sound management of these ecosystems.

As such, Morocco has launched several initiatives to strengthen conservation efforts for wetland biodiversity and promote sustainable local and participative development.

It was consequently adopted to include i) in 2011, the enactment of a law on protected areas, in order to strengthen our country's work and commitment in biodiversity preservation, in alignment with guidelines from relevant international conventions, ii) the finalization of the national inventory of Morocco's wetlands and iii) the drafting of the national strategy for the conservation of Moroccan wetlands".

Excerpt from the Message by His Her Royal Highness Princess Lalla Hasnaa addressed to the participants at the International Symposium on Water and Wetlands in the Mediterranean in Agadir - February, 6 to 8, 2012


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