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Thursday 30 January 2019 : In Laâyoune, the Foundation initiates Eco-schools to its digital educational platform on environmental education for sustainable development.

alt30 students and their teachers from Eco-shools of the regional academy of education and training of Laayoune Sakia El Hamra have participated on Thursday 30 January to a theoretical and practical training about the use of the online educational platform of environmental education for sustainable development of the Mohammed VI Foundation for Environmental protection.

The students of the academy of Laayoune- Sakia El Hamra were interested in all the themes and particularly the theme of water in relation to climate change, a sensitive resource in their region.


Since October 2018, the Foundation has launched a training cycle in the twelve academic regions of the Kingdom which deploys the Eco-Schools program to introduce newly registered schools to the use of this digital platform, whose quality educational content is prepared and validated by a Scientific Committee composed of national and international experts. Through its educational tools, the Mohammed VI Foundation for Environmental protection seeks to build a cultural and ecological awareness among the youngest and thus develop environmentally friendly behaviors.

This tool allows schoolchildren to learn the basics of different environmental themes independently, to learn daily actions and to deploy actions on the ground that helps protect their immediate environment. The learning mode is deliberately playful: students interact through quizzes, games throughout a three-dimensional graphic environment animated by the Boundif family.

About the Digital Education Platform Environmental Education and Sustainable Development

This freely accessible online platform for all Eco-Schools has been progressively developed since December 2014. In a first phase, it dealt with the theme of energy and climate, particularly renewable energies and energy efficiency. The second phase, completed in December 2015, focused on the theme of water. Finally, the third phase of the project, carried out in December 2016, addresses the problems of air quality and climate change. Currently, the Foundation is developing new and specialized topics.

The educational platform for environmental education for sustainable development, in permanent evolution, is available on the link:

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