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Young Reporters for Environment

Like other programs initiated by the Foundation, the Young Reporters for the Environment program is at the heart of a strategic vision, based on globalization and sustainability.

To strengthen and enhance the views of young participants, the Young Reporters for the Environment program ensures the involvement of local media in facilitating training workshops. Thus, the role of a professional photographer and a journalist at the local level, and regional committee members from the workshop’s targeted area, is to present written reporting and photography techniques to high school program contestants.

Also, the focus is on networking activities and presentations of success story cases to promote the exchange of experiences between regional and provincial coordinators and environmental club leaders.


Starting from 2017, the program content is under alignment with the 17 Sustainable development goal of the United Nations (SDG). The competition aims to develop the raising awareness on environment and critical thinking of the young reporters. It leads them to identify the relevant environmental subjects in their region, to analyze them methodically, to propose solutions and to raise public awareness of issues raised by obtaining the dissemination of their reports in the local media.

Numbers : 2002 – 2020 :

 27,600 young people have participated in this competition since 2002 and have been made aware of environmental issues.

3837 written reports , 9500 photographs and 278 vidéos


225 reports photos and vidéos have been awarded for the national competition, and 31 for the international competition.




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