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6 Activity areas

The Mohammed VI Foundation for Environment Protection develops programs within 6 areas:

1 / Environmental education, which aims to raise awareness and initiate the public about sustainable development issues;

2 / Coastal preservation, which aims to protect wetlands and coastal environments threatened by human activities;

3 / Sustainable tourism, which aims to change the practices and reduce pressures on the environment by the sector;

4 / Air & Climate, which aims to raise awareness about improving air quality and reducing greenhouse gas emissions;

5 / Restoring historic gardens, which aims to protect exceptional heritage, improve the living environment for residents, and make the living environment a place for learning and environmental awareness;

6 / Safeguarding and development of the Marrakech palm grove aims to maintain and to plant adult palms, and managing the water resources, particularly using wastewater treatment for irrigation, solar energy for irrigation pumping, and by including the local population by supporting the development of ecological agriculture. 


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