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February 5th, 2010

The Mohammed VI Foundation for Environment Protection strengthens its programs for environmental education with the support by Dutch Government for the Bouknadel Exotic Gardens

Rehabilitated in 2005 by the Mohammed VI Foundation for Environment Protection with the personal presence of Her Royal Highness Princess Lalla Hasnaa, the Bouknadel Exotic Gardens are slated to become a venue for Environmental Education and Awareness. In this framework, in December 2009 a partnership agreement was signed by the Mohammed VI Foundation for Environment Protection and the Dutch Government.

The flagship objective of this cooperation is to strengthen and intensify the site’s environmental communication message and to make it possible for future generations to procure a better understanding of nature and the role of species diversity in the ecosystems on which we depend.

The implementation of an educational circuit strengthened by a variety of communication means and educational tools will contribute to developing the sense of observation and renewing a positive relationship of visitors with nature while maintaining its price policy to facilitate access to this recreational site for people from all social milieus.

This educational route will also make it possible for the visitor to find information and raise his/her awareness in a pleasant way in an exceptional and attractive setting on the stakes at hand and the role of biodiversity in human development and the interest of preserving our natural heritage.

Some ten information and awareness raising points will be implemented. The said points will contribute to develop the knowledge of visitors about biodiversity.

The program also plans to organize training sessions for guides and educators for assisting visitors upon request. 

The project will be implemented this year and contribute to the various endeavors initiated in Morocco for celebrating biodiversity year.


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