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March 16, 2009

World Water Forum, Istanbul, Turkey. March 2009.


The Mohammed VI Foundation for Environmental Protection participated in the "Bridging Divides for Water" session at 5th World Water Forum in 2009 in Istanbul. This forum was an opportunity to discuss and advance measures adopted to achieve the Millennium Development Goals on water by 2015.

The World Water Forum serves four main objectives:



•Put water on the political agenda;

•Discuss solutions to 21st century water problems;

•Formulate concrete proposals and bring them to global attention;

•Generate a strong political commitment.

Fm6e was invited by the French Fund for Global Environment to the side event, "Stakeholder Dialogue," to present its acquired experience and developed know-how for the realization of its stakeholder awareness strategy for sustainable development, through the creation and programming of pilot demonstration projects, based on partnership agreements that involve and federate all stakeholders (administration, elected officials, local authorities, public and private enterprises, local associations, etc.).

The pilot project to develop and implement a comprehensive pollution control and protection program for the Nador Lagoon was also presented.

Adopted on World Water Day, the Ministerial Declaration sets out a series of recommendations, ranging from the need to change water consumption patterns, especially in agriculture, to collecting and treating wastewater.

The cities of Marseille, France and Durban, South Africa are vying to host the next edition of the Forum in 2012.


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