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June 16, 2009

The Nador Lagoon project work mission. Montpellier, France. June 16-19, 2009.

The project mission was organized to support the implementation of a comprehensive pollution control and protection plan for the Lagoon of Nador.

The goal was to finalize the agreement content and methodology proposed by the provider, Aquarius Development.

The topics discussed at organized meetings and contacts were:

• Project objectives that enable collaboration among actors, the emergence of a consistent set of actions aimed at reducing past and present pollution, a better understanding of the functional status of biotopes of the lagoon, and action support through work training, awareness and communication through Fm6e programs (Eco Schools, Clean Beaches, Blue Flag, and Green Key Eco Business)

• The methodology and approach will be adopted by the provider to quantify and qualify the pollution and nuisances that are present in the lagoon, especially the cleaning and disposal of sludge from the Nador and Beni Nsar Treatment Stations’ old wastewater stabilization ponds, and solid waste accumulated at the bottom of the lagoon.

• The definition of a protocol for scientific measurements to characterize and monitor the lagoon’s environmental condition;

• The establishment of the observatory missions, responsibilities of the Permanent Monitoring Committee, an organizational framework to promote the dissemination of the Nador Lagoon pilot achievements, and equipment needs of the observatory.

The technical partnership with the Thau lagoon, including the implementation of an Environmental and Risk Management Tool (OMEGA), enables communications and outreach, the development of guides, and a better understanding of the pollution sources throughout the Nador lagoon and their impact on the lagoon’s water quality and biodiversity.


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