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November 2, 2009

Regional workshop in partnership with ISESCO, "Environmental impact studies on tourist development projects and the relevant regulations in Arab countries". Syria. October 2009.

This workshop focused on exchanging experiences of the countries present at the event, in terms of environmental impact feasibility studies for tourism development, regulatory measures adopted by public authorities to support this sector, and inclusion of this sector in strategies for sustainable development.



The participation of FM6E consisted of:


  • The presentation of a word of welcome to the participants, noting the wishes of Her Royal Highness to promote awareness programs and environmental education as an intersection of national strategies of ISESCO member countries.
  • A presentation entitled "FM6E, a major player in Responsible Tourism" focusing on the Foundation support for the National Strategy for Responsible Tourism, through the implementation of programs such as Clean Beaches, Blue Flag, Green Key and Safeguarding and Development of the Marrakech Palm Grove.
  • A presentation entitled "Azur Plan, a Sustainable Development project" to demonstrate Morocco’s commitment to tourism development that respects the foundations of sustainability.
  • A practical exercise demonstrating the potential benefits to tourist establishments that implement the Green Key label.

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