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June 26th, 2006

Rehabilitating Jnan Sbil gardens in Fez

Mohammed VI Foundation for the Protection of Environment led by Her Royal Highness the Princess Lalla Hasnaa has decided to put the rehabilitation of Jnan Sbil Gardens in Fez among its priorities, within the framework of the « flowered cities » program.

This historical monument has undergone the consequences of dryness and ravages of time, and thus has been the subject of many studies achieved under the supervision of the Department of the Architect Rachid Haloui, in partnership with the landscapist Mounia Bennani. These studies have been adopted as a background for the project which would cost about thirty million dirhams.

The works would be done in different steps. The first one related to the restoration of  the walls and the  Borj of  Cheikh Ahmed next to the gardens which would be realized by ADER-Fez.

The second step would deal with the rehabilitation of the Central Mail and the planted spaces. It is planned for the second semester of 2006.

The Foundation, determined to work for the rehabilitation of this valuable patrimony has taken notice of the participation of the local authorities and elected representatives and many sponsors (MAMDA/MCMA Foundation, Cooper Maroc, ADDOHA Group, JAMAI Foundation, ONEP…) all of them willing to participate to this noble task.

Created in the 18th century by the Sultan Moulay Abdallah, the gardens cover about 7.5 ha inside a monumental site. An exceptional vegetation and an original structure make of this place a   jewel  of the Arabo-Andalousian tradition. This space full of history and memory of the past, is the more ancient and prestigious public garden in the spitirual capital of the Kingdom.


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