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May 6, 2014: Establishment of the educational path at the Jenan El Harti palm grove in Marrakech.

The Mohammed VI Foundation for Environmental Protection, chaired by Her Royal Highness Princess Lalla Hasnaa, has established a new educational path at Jenan El Harti in Marrakech that opened on May 6, 2014. It was established with support from Foundation partners for the Marrakech Palm Grove Protection and Development program, and is part of the Foundation activities dedicated to promoting good environmental practices by creating a network of educational paths throughout the Kingdom.

The Foundation is a pioneer in this area, after having completed the first educational path at the Bouknadel Exotic Gardens as a pilot project in Morocco in 2011. Another educational path has also been installed at the Ermitage Park in Casablanca since 2011.

This new educational path reinforces this network. It is enhanced with several information panels and interactive modules that raise awareness on the importance of the Marrakech palm grove, including two public reception panels in the form of palm trees, a module on palm tree ecology, and a module in the form of a pyramid that represents the configuration of oasis agriculture within palm groves. Two other modules also address the water theme: one that explains the water cycle and groundwater, and a second that explains the ingenious khettaras system for using groundwater. A final module consists of three bins explaining the stages of composting green waste.

The purpose of these educational modules is to strengthen public environmental outreach in order to allow future generations to gain a better understanding of our environment and encourage a better relationship with nature for urban populations who are increasingly removed from it.

The Mohammed VI Foundation for Environmental Protection continues to progress in achieving its Awareness and Education for Sustainable Development Strategy through its various programs and pilot projects based on partnership agreements that involve and unite all stakeholders, creating a movement to mobilize all strata of society and perpetuate the efforts over the long-term.


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