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Mai 09 ,2014 : Lalla Hasnaa Sustainable Coast Awards initiative for coastal protection

altThe Mohammed VI Foundation for Environmental Protection, chaired by Her Royal Highness Princess Lalla Hasnaa, launches the first edition of «Lalla Hasnaa sustainable coast awards ».

These trophies succeed the Clean Beaches Awards, accompanying program of the same name since its inception in 2001. After reflection conducted on these awards, it became necessary to give them a new direction, more comprehensive, taking into account the broader goals of Foundation, particularly in terms of sustainable coastal development.

The Foundation is engaged in various programs such as backup's lagoons Marchica (Nador) and Oued Dahab (Dakhla), develops educational and outreach programs of the youngest, and strongly supports the National Charter for Environment and sustainable development.

Lalla Hasnaa sustainable coast awards are based on the involvement and encouragement of all citizens and youth work and the voluntary fabric in terms of sustainable development, coastal protection initiatives , and dissemination of social behavior and environmentally responsible .

Also, these trophies are they open to all those who help to protect the national coastal area: associations, institutions, local authorities, economic operators, journalists, scholars, students, researchers, experts, etc..

Trophies will offer five categories:

• Trophies clean beaches;

• Trophies sharing and living;

• Protection and enhancement of natural heritage Trophies;

• Education and Youth Trophies;

• Social and Environmental Responsibility Trophies.


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