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30 Mai 2014 : Launching Clean Beaches web portal

The Mohammed VI Foundation for Environmental protection has launched a portal that brings practical information on this flagship program of the Foundation.

This portal which is part of the "Clean Beaches" program is the main communication tool of this program and enables to:

• Inform the public about the "clean beaches", its objectives, its implementation and its outlook for development ;

• Inform beaches' managers on practical tools for handling these sites (guide charter details ...) and on activities that are led by the Foundation and its partners;

• Communicate with the public, especially the youth by raising awareness on various environmental issues and guide them through the adoption of civic behaviours;

• provide information on the beaches Eco label the "Blue Flag"

In addition to the communication component, this portal provides:

• the link to the platform ( " Lalla Hasnaa Sustainable Coast Awards" a biennial competition implemented to boost Environmental initiatives and particularly those in favour of the Moroccan coastline protection of;

• The link ( for the online application to the environmental quality label of beaches, the label 'Blue Flag'.


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