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December 15 - 26, 2014 : National Coastal Protection Awareness Days

The Mohammed VI Foundation for Environmental Protection chaired by Her Royal Highness Princess Lalla Hasnaa, is launching the second edition of the awareness program for the protection of the coast from December 15 to 26, 2014. Organized in partnership with the various stakeholders involved in coastal management, these days fall within the framework of the recommendations of the International Coastal Conference held in Tangier in October 2010.


Various events will be organized per a methodology in order to synergize a set of concurrent actions for this event to have the necessary visibility and guarantee it success and wide acceptance by different stakeholders.

Activities for this celebration will be held in different cities of the Kingdom and will be conducted by organizing awareness days, communication actions, conducting workshops for schools, etc...

The events of Friday, December 26, 2014 will be marked by the organization in eco-schools of the Kingdom of painting workshops specifically dedicated to awareness-raising about the preservation of the coast.

The following is also planned:

- Educational visits to the Marchica lagoon and the Oued Eddahab Bay;

- Open House days on the photo exhibition of the Tangier, El Jadida and Laayoune lighthouses as well as screenings of educational films on coastal protection.

Institutional workshops will be conducted, including:

-Capacity building by conducting training on climate change adaptation

-An information and training workshop on the valuation of ecological potential in Saïdia-Moulouya for a sustainable tourism;

-The presentation of the Port of Agadir pilot waste collection and sorting project ...

Nota: Concept Note on the National Days for the Coast


         The full program of these days


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