All for our environment

Model action

Model action


Her Royal Highness, a recognized global opinion leader, rallies the Foundation and its partners.

Operational effectiveness

The Foundation and its partners draw on 20 years of successful experience with benchmark programs.

Six missions

Monitoring - Capacity building through training - Facilitation and networking - Territorial experimentation - Transfer to supporting stakeholders - Consolidation and leveraging of feedback

Constant adaptation

From the Clean Beaches project in 2001, a beach clean-up operation, to the launch of the international digital platform African Youth Climate Hub, we are constantly developing and adapting.

Broad audience

Diversified audiences: Moroccan and African youth, civil society, academia, businesses, the general public, administrations and local authorities.

International outreach

Extensive international outreach, based on high-level partnerships with key players (UN Environment, UNESCO, FAO, UNFCCC, ECOSOC, EEF).

Model action The Foundation acts through :

Raising public awareness and education on sustainable development, especially among the youth.
Mobilizing all relevant stakeholders (international institutions, national and regional governments, business, civil society) around innovative programs for education and awareness about sustainable development.
Training these stakeholders, and strengthening their capacity to take charge of these programs.

The Foundation relies on a network of :

15 international partners, including UNESCO, ISESCO, UNEP, FAO.
Over 70 national partners.