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Sustainable Development Education

Young Reporters for the Environment: texts and images
Young Reporters for the Environment is an annual competition of written, videos and photographic reports, designed for middle and high schools by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE). It enables young people to better understand sustainable development challenges and to become aware of the role they have to play in protecting the environment.
Young Reporters for the Environment are middle and high school students, aged 11 to 21, from all over Morocco. Supervised by a teacher, they opt to address the annual competition theme either through a written press article or through a photographic or videos report.

They then investigate as professional journalists; collect documentation, travel to the field, and interview information sources. They conduct analytical work and are required to propose solutions to problems studied according to competition rules. They then need to have their work published in at least three local media to validate it.

A new theme related to the environment is proposed every year to all Young Reporters, e.g. the environmental footprint, waste, sustainable tourism and water for a sustainable world.

YRE reports are forwarded to the national jury in April. The jury then renders its verdict for both categories in May. The best reports from Morocco are forwarded to the international competition jury.

More than 1000 students from over 300 middle and high schools take part in the competition annually. Since its launch in Morocco in 2002, over 22,000 young individuals people have been made aware of the environment and have become knowledgeable protectors of it.

Sustainable Development Education

Young Reporters for the Environment: texts and images

The Goals

  • Introduction
  • Implementation
  • Achievements
Young Reporters for the Environment's main objective is to create a generation of children educated for sustainable development, with the following goals in mind:
Learn to convince others around them
Develop critical thinking skills
Learn to propose solutions


The Young Reporters for the Environment program is developed in partnership with the Ministry of National Education, Vocational Training, Higher Education and Scientific Research.
The theme of the competition is released shortly after the start of the school year
4-step methodology
The Young Reporters for the Environment conduct their survey from November to February
The national jury renders its decision in May
Prizes and awards are given in June.


34 000

Middle and high school students have taken part in the competition since its inception


Works honored at the Moroccan competition


Works honored at the international competition