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Restoration of Historic Parks and Garden

Jnane Sbil - Fez
An iconic garden in Fez, with exceptional historical and botanical heritage, Jnane Sbil was rehabilitated in 2010 by the Foundation. It is also a tool for environmental awareness raising and education.
A garden with a touch of history
Created in the 18th century by Sultan Moulay Abdallah of the Alaouite dynasty, Jnane Sbil Park is the best-known garden of the city of Fez. Rehabilitation of this exceptional 7.5 hectare, vast heritage and natural area was completed in June 2010.

The restoration of the park enabled the conservation of 3000 plant species and the rehabilitation of remarkable ancient hydraulic systems: fountains, seguias, canals, mills, water distributors and even an ancient noria. Conducted with a concern for historical authenticity, the works revived the majestic central mall, the bamboo garden, the washingtonias alley and embellished the riverbanks.

In the south-eastern part, scented gardens were created to stimulate visitor senses, amazed by fragrances exuded.

The garden helps raise awareness and educate the general public on the environment, through among other things, the organization of ephemeral gardens designed and built by children under an expert supervision.

Restoration of Historic Parks and Garden

Jnane Sbil - Fez

The Goals

  • Introduction
  • Implementation
  • Achievements
Objectives of the Jnane Sbi rehabilitation program are to:
Preserve the oldest garden in Fez, with its exceptional botanical and technical heritage.
Provide a space for environmental education and awareness


Rehabilitation was coordinated by the Foundation, with the support of local authorities, relevant administrations and donors.
Historical studies for genuine heritage rehabilitation
Rehabilitation of the garden's remarkable irrigation systems
Rehabilitation of plantations
Inauguration and opening by HRH Lalla Hasnaa in June 2010





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