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Air & Climate

A Greenhouse Gas and Voluntary Carbon Offsetting
The Greenhouse Gas® tool enables companies, organizations and territories to calculate their carbon emissions and implement action plans to reduce and offset irreducible CO2 emissions by carbon sequestration projects.
Footprint reduction tools
With the Foundation's Carbon emissions tool, any organization in Morocco can accurately assess its greenhouse gas emissions. The tool is based on a database of 300 emission adapted to the national context, updated in 2022, according to the Bilan Carbone® methodology set up with the help of the French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME) and the Bilan Carbone Association (ABC)

To promote this tool and raise awareness of the fight against global warming, an Air Quality Pact was signed in 2016 with the General Confederation of Moroccan Companies. 24 of these companies volunteered to calculate their carbon emissions.Since then, new companies have committed to this approach and by the end of September 2022, 48 companies had signed the Qualit'Air charter, committing to calculate their emissions, reduce them and eventually offset them.

At the same time, with the support of the General Directorate of Local Authorities, the Foundation supports regions in the development of territorial climate plans. These climate plans aim to the development of regional balance for greenhouse gas emissions and the implementation of supporting mechanisms to reduce them. Marrakech was selected as a pilot city for this new initiative.

Air & Climate

A Greenhouse Gas and Voluntary Carbon Offsetting

The Goals

  • Introduction
  • Implementation
  • Achievements
Raise awareness of climate change
Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
Make citizens aware of their carbon footprint.
Encourage companies and institutions to reduce CO2 emissions and offset irreducible ones by participating in the financing of greenhouse gas sequestration projects
Integrate the Foundation's action into a process of international solidarity in the fight against climate change.
Putting cities on the path to fight global warming


The Foundation offers companies and territories the opportunity to participate in the fight against global warming as part of the Qualit’air Pact.
The pilot region of Marrakech is supported in the implementation of its carbon footprint and greenhouse gas reduction action plan
Planting date palms in the Marrakech palm grove with drip irrigation and solar water pumping
Equipping rural schools and teachers' housing with solar photovoltaic kits for lighting and electricity
The Qualit’air Pact was signed by CGEM and 48 companies



Companies have signed the Qualit’air Pact


Rural schools equipped with photovoltaic kits

20 000

Date palms planted

21 600

Tons of CO2 sequestered