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Air & Climate

Since 2002, the Qualit'air Program has focused on improving air quality in Morocco and limiting its impact on health.
For cleaner air and a protected planet
Qualit’air has focused on air pollution in large cities since 2002. Its action aims to improve fuel quality to reduce fuel pollution by reducing Sulphur levels and to introduce vehicle controls to reduce exhaust emissions.

A national network of 31 air quality monitoring stations was developed and transferred to the National Meteorology Department.

Lastly, a large-scale eco-epidemiological study for Greater Casablanca was launched in 2009 and completed in 2015. The modelling of pollution health risks, based on data from the air quality monitoring network as well as on collected health data, is a precursor for a health monitoring system for Moroccan cities. It is set to trigger pollution alerts when required.

Air & Climate


The Goals

  • Introduction
  • Implementation
  • Achievements
Qualit’air aims to:
Improve air quality
Set up a national health monitoring system for pollution
Set up a health monitoring system for air pollution in large cities
Establish a network of air quality monitoring stations
Reduce air pollution factors (fuels, vehicle condition)


The Foundation has taken a concerted and shared approach with administrative authorities to implement a governance model for air quality and health protection.
Fuel and fleet condition improvement
Establishment of a network of 31 air quality monitoring stations
Launch a pilot eco-epidemiological study of Greater Casablanca
Implement a pilot health system for Moroccan cities


68 000

Vehicles checked


Air quality measurement stations

10 000

Health statistics collected and analyzed