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Sustainable Development Education

Eco-schools is a global program designed by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE). It involves over 50,000 schools in 76 countries. The Foundation introduced it to Morocco in 2006. It educates children aged 4 to 12 on good environmental practices through practical, action-based teaching.
It all starts at school
Eco-Schools is a pedagogical tool, that aims to transform youth into the catalyst for sustainable development the world needs, by involving them in learning about the environment in a way that is fun, practical, action-oriented and open.

From one generation to the next, Eco-Schools produces environmentally-aware people through the acquisition of new behaviors, which are in turn passed on to the next generation.

Eco-Schools follows a practical and progressive approach. Each eco-school adheres to a seven-step methodology, enabling experimentation with simple and effective actions for the environment within the school setting.
Seven themes are addressed, namely: water, energy, waste, biodiversity, food and nature, solidarity and climate change. Eco-School progress is recognized with bronze and silver certificates, as well as the Green Pavilion, acknowledging completion of the entire course.

Sustainable Development Education


The Goals

  • Introduction
  • Implementation
  • Achievements
The primary objective of Eco-Schools is to create a generation of children educated in
sustainable development, with the following goals:
Teach simple actions to protect the environment
Introduce the environment into school curricula
Raise environmental awareness among children's entourage


The Eco-Schools program is developed in partnership with the Ministry of National Education, Vocational Training, Higher Education and Scientific Research.
The school applies for the program.
It follows the 7 program steps: establish a monitoring committee, perform the school's
environmental diagnosis, establish the action plan, monitor and evaluate, connect with the
curriculum, involve the school and the community and define the eco-code.
It addresses one to three program themes to obtain the Green Pavilion



Participating Eco-Schools

1 129 267


+38 000



Eco-Schools with the Green Pavilion label


Of schools fitted with low-energy light bulbs


Saving on school electricity bills as a result of energy management