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Sustainable Development Education

Educational circuit : learning while having fun
Educational circuit aim to impart the environmental knowledge to children and older people in a fun way. They take place in spaces open to the public and have different themes depending on the location.
learning while having fun
Educational circuit offer children a fun learning journey. At each stop or station, a simple theme is addressed, in the form of a chart, a game or interaction with the child.

In 2011, the Foundation inaugurated its first educational trail in the Exotic Gardens of Bouknadel, near Rabat. Developed in cooperation with the Dutch Embassy, it offers 17 stations along five different itineraries. Topics covered include biodiversity, waste and recycling, composting, forests in Morocco, water for life, and organic gardening. Given the success of this innovative concept, the Foundation replicated it in other locations.

The educational trail at the Casablanca Hermitage Gardens, also installed in 2011, includes a two-module itinerary revolving around the theme of water.

The one of Arsat Moulay Abdeslam in Marrakech, created in 2013, addresses the Palm Grove and the palm tree in five modules.

In 2017, an educational trail was installed in the Errahma garden in Dakhla, to raise children's awareness of the rich and fragile biodiversity of Oued Eddahab Bay.

An educational trail is currently being installed at the Hassan II garden of El Jadida.

Sustainable Development Education

Educational circuit : learning while having fun

The Goals

  • Introduction
  • Implementation
  • Achievements
Educational circuit developed by the Foundation are aimed mainly at :
Fostering the acquisition of knowledge via a playful approach.
Raise awareness of nature and the environment




Educational paths installed


Gardens and 7 cities equipped

40 220

Children have taken the exotic garden educational trail.