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Coastal Preservation

Oued Eddahab Lagoon
The Oued Eddahab Bay (Dakhla) program launched in 2011, aims to preserve the vast natural wild space, where human activities are rapidly developing, via the sustainable management of the bay.
A protected wildlife area
The Bay of Oued Eddahab is a site of great biological and ecological interest. This 40,000 ha marine bay (37 km long and 13.5 km wide), separated from the Atlantic Ocean along its entire length by a peninsula, is rich in fauna (birds, fish), desert flora and wild open spaces.

The foundation supports the Oued Eddahab Bay sustainable development project it initiated. This action is based on the Marchica lagoon experience.

The Foundation conducts awareness-raising and educational activities among local residents by deploying the Eco-Schools Schools, YRE, Blue Flag and Green Key programs. It developed educational tools including a CD-ROM on the riches of the bay, a game for knowledge dissemination and an educational trail in the city of Dakhla.

Coastal Preservation

Oued Eddahab Lagoon

The Goals

  • Introduction
  • Implementation
  • Achievements
Objectives of the Oued Eddahab Lagoon Conservation Program are to:
Protect the Oued Eddahab Bay
Educate and raise awareness on
sustainable development


The bay protection program was developed in collaboration with the Agence du Sud and the National Institute for Fishery Research.
Census of lagoon biodiversity
Implementation of a geographical
information system
Deployment of education and awareness tools for local populations



Eco-Schools awarded with the green flag.


Award-winning written reports at national level.


Award-winning photographer at national level