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A Foundation for environmental education

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The Mohammed VI Foundation for Environmental Protection was established in June 2001, at the initiative of His Majesty King Mohammed VI. Her Royal Highness Princess Lalla Hasnaa has been entrusted as the Chair from the beginning.

The Foundation’s fundamental mission is raise-awareness and education to sustainable development.

In this mission, the Foundation is open to the entire public, from schoolchildren to political and economic decision makers, to the general public.

The Foundation develops awareness of environmental issues, the right to a healthy environment and sustainable development, as enshrined in the Constitution of the Kingdom of Morocco.

Through education and advocacy, the Foundation prepares future generations to take charge of preserving their living environment, and to engage themselves permanently in the path of sustainable development.

In rolling out its action program, the Foundation refers to the commitments made by Morocco at the Rio summit in 1992 and 2012, and Johannesburg in 2002, which the Kingdom specified in its framework law, the Environmental and Sustainable Development Charter, and the national strategies that ensued.


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