All for our environment

The Mohammed VI Foundation for Environmental Protection, chaired by HRH Princess Lalla Hasnaa, will attend the New York Summit on Transforming Education.

The Mohammed VI Foundation for Environmental Protection will contribute to a major United Nations summit on Transforming Education, to be held in New York City on September 16-19, 2022. 

This summit, attended by senior global leaders, is the brainchild of UN Secretary General Antonio Gutierrez.  It aims at accelerating the implementation of all 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for Education.  “Education faces a crisis of equity, inclusion, quality and relevance,” according to the United Nations.  “Often slow and invisible, this crisis has devastating implications for the future of children and young people worldwide, and advances in education-related sustainable development goals are faltering,” the UN adds. 

The Foundation, focusing on education and awareness for over 20 years to date, is to take part in Advocacy and Solutions Days on September 16 and 17.  It will showcase its active commitment to implementing solutions in three parallel events.

At the first event, on transforming education and sustainable development, the Foundation along with long-time partner, the Ministry of National Education, Preschool and Sports, will present initiatives taken over the past 20 years and how these initiatives are now gaining momentum and expanding into Africa, a continent where the Foundation is increasingly involved.  It will present African Youth Climate Hub project AYCH, of which an ambassador from Ethiopia will speak and share experiences in transformative education in that country.  A teacher, representing the civil society of Burkina Faso, will present also his country’s experience in transforming education.

A second side event on the Sustainable@EDU Arab Computer Partnership Digital Solidarity Initiative will also showcase AYCH.  AYCH is a platform launched in 2019 and housed at the Hassan II International Center for Environmental Training, and relies primarily on harnessing emerging information technologies to connect young people across Africa.  Its e-learning center trains young Africans on Sustainable Development practices.

Finally, at a third side event on “Transforming Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) by implementing UNESCO recommendations on Open Educational Resources (OER) through multi-stakeholder partnerships”, the Foundation will present its Global Schools project in collaboration with the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN), and the Moroccan Ministry of Education.  Global Schools, a worldwide program for which Morocco is one of three pilot countries, incorporates SDGs into the curricula of children in grades 6 and 7.  Over sixty courses spanning all subjects are thus scrutinized and amended to include sustainable development. 

The Mohammed VI Foundation is engaged in advancing Education for Sustainable Development across a wide range of programs in Morocco and Africa, with support from domestic and international partners, both public and private.

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