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The fourth edition of the Lalla Hasnaa Sustainable Coast Awards took place last 28th May at the Hassan II International Center for Environmental Training in Bouknadel, attended by Her Royal Highness Princess Lalla Hasnaa, Chair of the Mohammed VI Foundation for Environmental Protection.

The Lalla Hasnaa Sustainable Coast Awards recognized 35 initiatives, across five categories, that, each in its own way, contributed to protecting the coastline and ocean.

The 2022 edition of the event was held after a forced delay imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic.  The event drew considerable interest, with a substantial increase in the number of applications from the previous edition: 157 projects, up from 120 in 2018, were entered by different contestants, associations, academics, municipalities, companies, public bodies, etc., across all five award categories.

Entries addressed current issues such as the impact of climate change, plastic pollution, and biodiversity protection.  Others displayed great creativity in the development of pollution mitigation mechanisms, while university research rallied to study and protect our natural heritage.  Creativity and, above all, interactivity were hallmarks of initiatives to raise environmental and ocean awareness among young people.  Corporations and organizations engaged citizens in deploying social responsibility charters and developed partnerships with civil society organizations for tangible results.

The Awards were presented by HRH Princess Lalla Hasnaa, a longtime advocate for coastline and ocean protection.  In 2021, HRH committed her Foundation to the United Nations Decade of Ocean Sciences for Sustainable Development (2021-2030), coordinated by UNESCO’s Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission.  HRH Princess Lalla Hasnaa became the Patron of the Alliance for the Decade, and the Foundation, a founding member of the Alliance, is now acting on this commitment.

The Lalla Hasnaa Sustainable Coast Awards expanded in scope to include oceans in this fourth edition and are now an officially registered full-fledged Decade of Ocean Sciences activity.

This is a testament to the Foundation’s commitment to ocean preservation in Morocco and in Africa, under HRH‘s leadership.

An art exhibition entitled ‘A Second Life’ has been organized by the Foundation, showcasing the artworks of its partners. These pieces, all of which are equally original, create a unique and thought-provoking atmosphere through the commitment of the artworks. The flagship material used is plastic, which gives up its ‘commonplace’ role as an everyday item whose life cycle ends in our trash, to become a true artwork to be admired with elegance and refinement. Therefore, the exhibition investigates the various possibilities this material offers to be ‘upgraded’. Such a process involves weaving, blow molding, assembling, welding, etc. to finally produce attractive items that above all do not harm the ocean and its ecosystems.


This award recognizes an initiative targeting one or more beaches, in the areas of management, development, preservation, education, and information.  7 initiatives were rewarded.

Holmarcom Group - Cleanliness Brigade: Na9iw B7arna

Location: SAIDIA

Project providing volunteer summer beachgoers with buckets (given a second life) to collect beach litter and process it through eco-creative workshops, giving it a second artistic life.

Crédit Agricole and ARRIMAL DAHABIA Association - Boundif Family Competition

Location : Ksar SGHIR

Distinctive, qualitative, and environmentally friendly contest drawing on a participative and interactive process with vacationing families, based on a field approach aimed at protecting the beach from pollution and reducing the use of plastics

OCP, SAFI Site - Support and mobilization of local associations at Souiria K'dima beach

Location: Safi

Support and mobilization of associations active in environmental protection at Souiria K’dima Beach, operating an environmental awareness and education center throughout the summer for vacation camps and beachgoers.

Banque Populaire Foundation - Installation of fish-shaped garbage containers for public education on plastic waste recycling

Location: Nador

The initiative draws public attention and raises the awareness of summer beachgoers to the dangers of plastic waste on marine resources and the coastline in an artistic fashion, and drives collaboration with a local cooperative to collect, weigh and compress the waste and forward it to recycling plants

Marsa Maroc - Citizen mobilization at the "Mme Choual" Ain Diab beach extension

Location: Casablanca

Upgrading beach infrastructure with sanitary facilities including for people with impaired mobility and engaging and supervising local associations for the collection, sorting, and disposal of plastic waste through a specialized company for recovery.

Redal and Skhirate Zero Waste Association - Recycling fishing nets dumped on the beach into useful objects

Location: Skhirate

Collection and recycling into carpets and other marketable objects by a women’s cooperative that weaves fishing nets discarded by fishermen on the beach facing the fishermen’s market.

Ciments du Maroc - Safi Municipal Beach Sayfok Village

Location: Safi

Setting up a village to raise awareness and educate on the dangers of plastic on the beach, and to involve and sensitize civil society to coastline preservation from plastic waste and natural resources protection.


This award recognizes initiatives that enhance Morocco’s coastline public and natural spaces, urban and peri-urban.  Five initiatives received awards in this edition.

Marjane Diving and Water Sports Association and Redal - Underwater Sports Festival

Location: Salé

Environmental, sports, cultural, and social festival at Salé beach, providing children and young people with professional swimming and diving instruction as well as recreational activities on the impact of plastic on marine life.

Essalam Association Dakhla - Dakhla, Oued Ed-Dahab Coastal Observatory

Location: Dakhla

Establishment of the Dakhla, Oued Ed-Dahab Coastal Observatory, which monitors the state of the coastline and brings together all regional and national stakeholders, in partnership with relevant institutions in African countries, Europe and America.

Tangier Diving and Maritime Sports Association - Pelican Seabed Cleanup Operation

Location: Tanger

The project brings together professional divers for 3-hour dives to clean the bay of Tangier and clear out waste, so as to raise awareness among beachgoers, especially children, of the impact of waste on marine environments and develop a positive sense of responsibility among large segments of the population.

ONEE - Electricity and TC Travel - Pavement and eco-bricks

Location: Dakhla

Design and production of recycled plastic paving stones and ecological bricks used to build furniture at Trouk Beach in Dakhla, and Construction of an outreach village with essential equipment.

COHIN-ENVIRONNEMENT - Waste Water Box, Ghazoua water treatment plant

Location: Essaouira

Cohin Environnement designed an innovative new concept that includes a single basin activated sludge treatment plant based on the semi-continuous Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) principle.


This category rewards outstanding achievements for greater coastal area knowledge, conservation of coastal biodiversity, and of fragile ecosystems.

This category is open to universities, research centers, municipalities, companies, public and private organizations, and associations.

This trophy also rewards initiatives to overcome threats to the security and integrity of Morocco’s coastline.

Abdelmalek Essaâdi University - Development of monitoring models for emerging contaminants in Mediterranean coastal waters

Location: Tetouan

The project aims to preserve the quality of Morocco’s eastern Mediterranean coastal waters. The project is unique in that, for the first time in Morocco, it uses a multi-compartment approach to assess the degree of contamination of the Mediterranean coast of Tangier-Tetouan-Al-Hoceima.



Association of sea lovers for underwater fishing and environmental preservation - Le Dauphin Bleu

Location: Agadir

Periodic campaigns for clearing the seabed of waste and ghost fishing nets and setting up a museum exhibition on biological diversity for children.

The Mohammed First University of Oujda and Tes Green Morocco Association - Setting up a micro-plastic pollution awareness and study unit

Location: Oujda

Holding a range of community actions to educate the population and produce an updated database on the state of plastic pollution in Morocco’s seas (Oriental region), for use by the population and decision-makers

Fnideq Champions Underwater Hunters Association - "Maroc Marin" platform on Marine Biodiversity in Morocco

Location: Fnideq

Developing an online scientific, educational, and documentary platform on marine biodiversity, based on excursions and exploration at sea, in collaboration with academics and scientists

Hassan II University Casablanca Ain Chock - Faculty of Sciences - Recovery of marine algae washed up on Morocco's coastline for organic agriculture

Location: Casablanca

The project recovers beached seaweed biomass from Morocco’s coastal areas to produce a new product to be used as a fertilizer or biostimulant substrate in organic agriculture.

Chouaib Doukkali University - Recovery of invasive marine algae by extracting biopesticides

Location: El Jadida

The project produces biopesticides to support agriculture with no risk to human health or the environment from a number of unexploited seaweed species.

Khnifiss Association Network - Ecotourism biodiversity promotion in Khnifiss National Park with the creation of a bird observatory for Morocco's Atlantic Sahara

Location: Tarfaya

The project promotes desert crafts for developing ecotourism for wildlife and biodiversity conservation in Khnifiss National Park and enhances the tourist experience.


This category rewards outstanding environmental education initiatives, projects, studies, research, and programs conducted by schools, colleges, universities, research centers, as well as public and private organizations.  9 projects were rewarded.

Redal and Moroccan "Petits Débrouillards" Association - Ecol'eau classes: All responsible for preserving water and the coastline

Location: Rabat

The initiative is designed to raise awareness on coastal issues and water conservation, through educational visits to Redal facilities (Laboratories, SPRET, Water Tower) and to produce educational material on water and coastal issues.

Association Bahri - Clean and Play

Location: Casablanca

The initiative aims at training and raising awareness via youth education for environmental jobs and entrepreneurship promotion, as well as training unemployed women to recycle collected plastic bottles into school kits.

Société de Développement Saïdia- CDG Group - Happy Walls: Ecological Art

Location: Saïdia

The project seeks to promote sustainable tourism by creating a forum for dialogue between artists and the public using mural art to share ideas on interconnecting issues of tourism, culture, and coastline.

Municipality of Fnideq and Fnideq Champions Underwater Hunting Association - Environmental Incubator in educational institutions

Location: Fnideq

The project seeks to introduce young people to coastal and ocean issues and to educate school environmental clubs on marine and coastal protection issues through exhibitions on plastic waste and biological diversity.

BMCE and Skhirate Zero Waste - Setting up a beach library at Casino Beach

Location: Skhrirate

The project seeks to bring books closer to beachgoers of all ages.  Books and literature deal with coastal issues in a playful way.  Reading, coloring, and board games on the environment, as well as recycling and sports activities.

Ark School An-Najah Tutoring Association - Tales to shape citizen behavior toward coastal preservation

Location: Fès

The project develops the pedagogical role of storytelling to create cultural momentum for environmental protection in general and raise awareness on the magnitude of hazards faced by coastal environments.

Cadi Ayyad University - Polydisciplinary Campus of Safi - Sea MUN Safi (Maritime Model United Nations)

Location: Safi

Sea MUN Safi is an exchange platform based on Model United Nations, developed as part of international law of the sea courses, enabling students to connect theoretical course material with the practical aspects of international law of the sea implementation and oceans and coasts governance.

ONEE- Water Divison - Awareness and initiation to water quality control

Location: Bouznika

Raising awareness of young beachgoers at Bouznika Beach to the importance of water quality supervision in environmental and coastal protection via hands-on activities at a booth detailing the water quality supervisor profession, sampling of bathing water at Bouznika Beach, and conducting analyses on site.

National Office of Airports ONDA - Exhibition on the beach to raise awareness of the impacts of plastic waste on coastlines and oceans

Location: M’Diq

Plastic waste exhibition at the Al-M’diq animation village to raise awareness on damage caused by plastic waste to the seabed and popularize scientific concepts among young vacationers.


This award recognizes initiatives by economic operators who chose to implement environmental, social, or economic initiatives with a positive impact on Morocco’s coastline.  Seven initiatives were rewarded.

Tanger Med Foundation and Sahel Development and Culture Association - Support for people with special needs

Location: Tangier

The project seeks to equip the beach with specific facilities and equipment to allow circulation, swimming, and access for people with disabilities to all services and amenities offered at the beach

Rayonnement Culturel Association - Sustainable Coastline Youth Initiatives


Location: Tiznit

The project targets the sustainability of marine resources across three areas, namely raising awareness on environmental issues, marine management mechanisms training, and advocacy with territorial councils training.

Alhad Aljadid Traditional Fishing Association - FNIDEQ - Clean-up of the port of Fnideq and protection of marine life

Location: Fnideq

Supervision and sensitization of traditional fishermen on the cleaning of the port of Fnideq and the rescue of dolphins and sea turtles stuck in fishing nets in collaboration with associations active in environmental protection.

Agir Association - Odyssea Iliad Agir Marine Observatory

Location: Al Hoceïma

Setting up an observatory to enable easy access and operational use of marine data for multiple end-users by harmonizing existing Earth observation systems, and facilitating data access for non-EU member states.

DORALO Aquaculture Coop - Promotion de l’aquaculture auprès des coopératives de pêche

Location: Tetouan

Promotion of aquaculture among fishing cooperatives, notably for shellfish; Marketing and promotion of aquaculture products and development of studies and training courses on aquaculture

STMicroelectronics - Environmental Protection and path towards sustainable development

Location: Casablanca

The project seeks to prevent coastline pollution from liquid emissions and preserve natural resources by increasing city water recycling ratios.


Location: Taghazout

Taghazout Bay is a land development project adjacent to the coast, designed to be fully integrated and compatible with specific site and territory issues. The project preserves the natural, social, and cultural heritage and is implemented as part of a partnership and concerted approach, rallying all stakeholders towards common sustainable development objectives.

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