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20 February 2011

February 20, 2011

February 20, 2011

Supported by 25 public and private entities and by the relevant local authorities, the 2010 edition has expanded its activities to 57 beaches spread over 36 coastal municipalities.

At this 11th edition of the Clean Beaches program, the International Foundation for Education and Environment (FEE) appreciated the work and progress in Morocco to environmentally upgrade the beaches: 20 beaches have hoisted the Blue Flag.

The international coordination inspection of the Blue Flag program, under the FEE, highlighted the Mohammed VI Foundation  for Environmental Protection’s position as a pioneer among the FEE’s 60 member countries in environmental education and raising awareness on the beaches especially for young people.

Thanks to the support of the ministries, which are gradually strengthening and institutionalizing their structure each year, in 2010 the  Foundation and its partners initiated actions to strengthen the quality analysis of bathing water and sand; cleaning; swimmer safety; health coverage; beach development and management; and public awareness and environmental education for the youth.


2010 Lalla Hasnaa Trophy Awards


Ø  Commitment Trophy:


1)     Crédit Agricole and the Urban Municipality of Larache : The  credit agricole, in partnership with the Urban Municipality of Larache, have made outstanding efforts towards the rehabilitation and development of the Ras Rmel beach, notably by the:

– Equipment of basic infrastructure: sanitary facilities for people with special needs, office space for security and civil protection; watchtowers, walkways, etc.;

– Management of various activities while ensuring a continuously clean beach;

– Organization of sports, awareness and other activities in collaboration with the local association, EPICA.


2) The ONA Foundation and the Urban Municipality of Martil: The ONA Foundation, in partnership with the Urban Municipality of Martil, have contributed to the upgrading of the Martil beach, through:

– The establishment of portable infrastructure: restrooms, walkways and multi-service facilities;

– Equipping the beach with fixed parasols;

– The improvement of beach accessibility;

– The cleaning of sand and other beach areas.


3) L’Office Cherifien des Phosphates and the Rural Municipality of Foum El Ouad/ Laayoune: The OCP and the Rural Municipality of Foum El Ouad/ Laayoune have made significant efforts to rehabilitate the Foum El Oued beach, notably by the:

– Reconstruction of the entire promenade destroyed by swell waves;

– Rehabilitation of various facilities and infrastructure, maintaining them in good working order, and cleanliness;

– Organization of activity and awareness campaigns.


4) Maroc Télécom and the Urban Municipality Tangier: In partnership with the Urban Municipality Tangier, Maroc Télécom undertook two remarkable actions:

– Consolidation of years of work performed on the Achakar beach, by carrying out the renovation of portable equipment, maintaining a good level of cleanliness, and conducting awareness campaigns and environmental education on the beach;


– The environmental upgrading of the Sol beach through the:

– Development and implementation of new portable equipment;

– Responsibility for cleaning;

– Organization of original activities for environmental awareness: shock images concerning the duration of waste decomposition, and providing young holidaymakers with a board game called Coastal Rescuers, in partnership with the Petits Débrouillards (Whiz Kids) Association.


Ø Innovation Trophy:


1) L’Agence Nationale des Ports (ANP) and the Al Badil Association: Implementation of innovative educational activities for the protection of nature at Essaouira beach. To promote vacationer awareness about nature preservation and protection of the thuja conifer tree, the ANP and the Al Badil Association established a booth consisting of a green library and thuja scrap recycling. Young holidaymakers, with the help of artisans from the Association Al Badil, create paintings and handicrafts with thuja scraps, etc.

2) L’office National d’éléctricité and the Rural Municipality El Oualidia : Implementation of innovative activities at Oualidia beach, notably the:

– Installation of portable equipment in wood that fits into the beach environment: restrooms, information and environmental education center, health center, lifeguard station, guard station for the Royal Gendarmerie and the Auxiliary Forces, playground for children, showers and rinsing areas, etc.;

– Establishment of billboards along the promenade dedicated to information and awareness on mechanisms to protect the Oualidia lagoon;

– Implementation of an educational campaign on environmental protection for the Oualidia lagoon, a RAMSAR Zone.

3) L’office National des chemins de Fer (ONCF) , The Urban Municipality of Asilah and the Achorouk Association: The ONCF has initiated several events for environmental awareness, education, and activities in partnership with the Achorouk Association, by programming:

– Film screenings to raise awareness, using a mobile movie theater called “Friend of the Environment” and led by an educator;

– Environmental awareness and educational events for summer visitors;

– Painting and drawing workshops; – Reading and cultural activity workshops;

– Sports tournaments (soccer, volleyball); – Driver’s education using a mini circuit installed on the sand Also,the ONCF and the Achorouk Association have established a team dedicated to assisting people with special needs.


1) The “Enfance Heureuse”Association and the Rural Municipality of Lamaachat : Organization of outreach and awareness activities for vacationers on the Souiria Lakdima beach by the “Enfance Heureuse” Association in partnership with the Rural Municipality of Lamaachat , in four areas:

– An activity-rich program oriented towards the protection of nature and the celebration of Earth Day;

– Educational workshop for children to promote creativity in their eco

-actions on subjects and objects, use reduction, etc.

– A fishing village, to educate fishermen on environmental protection, water conservation, and the use of plastic bags;

– Clean Beach Days by organizing a clean-up campaign and encouraging holidaymakers to use garbage cans, and respect beach equipment placed at their disposal.

2) Veolia Environnement and the “Les Petits Débrouillards” Association: In partnership with Veolia Environnement, the Petits Débrouillards Association has developed, implemented and conducted educational workshops at the Tangier Municipal and Sol beaches. These workshops aim to:

– Introduce children to environmental issues and sustainable development;

– Raise public awareness, especially for children, about coastal protection issues;

– Educate about the need for eco-citizen behavior;

– Provide the means to take action in order to enable improved awareness about sustainable development issues.

To convey these messages to young people, the association has achieved: – An educational activity manual on coastal preservation;

– A board game called Coastal Rescuers;

– Public awareness shock posters to educate beachgoers on coastal preservation issues and invite the public to consider marine litter problems.

3) “SOS Villages d’Enfants” Association: the “SOS Village d’Enfants” Association, have established and implemented an extensive awareness program for vacationers on the Agadir beach, with a focus on children, through several workshops on:

– Training in rescue and first aid;

– Environment-themed workshop on painting, drawing, coloring and cutting ;

– Chess workshop;

– Workshop on awareness about road dangers;

4) Altadis Maroc: Contribution of Altadis in environmentally upgrading the Sablettes beach, notably by the:

– Beach installation of six tracking pylons, which enable tourists, especially lost children, to become physically situated;

– Establishment of new beach facilities: playground, tiralos, access ramps and parking for people with special needs, signs and posters to raise awareness, portable information booth, provision of medical equipment and products, and various rescue items for lifeguards.

At the end of the ceremony Her Royal Highness The Princess Lalla Hasnaa visited the environmental education workshops’ exhibition booth conducted on the field by associations in partnership with business partners and local communities.