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25 June 2018

June 25 , 2018 : 22 Blue Flags for the 2018 Season

June 25 , 2018 :  22 Blue Flags for the 2018 Season

This international touristic label which was introduced in Morocco in 2002 by the Mohammed VI Foundation for Environmental Protection rewards the efforts of municipalities to improve the quality of bathing waters, for their action in environmental information, awareness and education, as well as hygiene and safety, beach development and management.

The Marina at Saidia will also fly the Blue Flag. This is the second time that this port has been awarded the label, after the major efforts that have been made for its development.

The following beaches have been awarded the Blue Flag (see map attached):

1. Achakar (Tanger-Asilah)

2. Aglou sidi moussa/Tiznit

3. Arekmane (Nador)

4. Ba-kacem (Tanger-Asilah)

5. Bouznika

6. Skhirate

7. El Moussafir/Dakhla

8. Essaouira

9. Foum loued / Laâyoune

10. Haouzia

11. Dalia /Fahs Anjra

12. Oued Aliane/Fahs-Anjra

13. Oued Laou/Tétouan

14. Oum labouir/Dakhla

15. Safi ville

16. Souiria lkdima/Safi

17. Station touristique de Saïdia

18. Cap Beddouza/Safi

19. Sidi Kankouch 1/Fahs Anjra,

20. Sidi Ifni

21. Imintourga (Mireleft) ;

As a reminder, the Blue Flag Label is a component of the Clean Beaches Programme whose objective is to bring beaches up to environmental standards. It also aims to raise awareness and educate summer vacationers to improve and preserve the environmental quality of our beaches. 102 beaches are registered in the ”Clean Beaches” Programme this year.

Within the framework of this programme, the municipalities are responsible for managing, maintaining and equipping the beaches that fall within their territory. They are supported by the Foundation, which coordinates the Clean Beaches Programme with the relevant ministerial departments as part of the National ”Clean Beaches” Committee, trains local officials and provides them with management and environmental awareness tools to enable them to welcome summer visitors in the best possible conditions. It ultimately evaluates the action undertaken.

In their efforts, the municipalities also receive support from the economic partners mobilized by the Foundation as part of the Clean Beaches Programme. They bring managerial skills and financial support to municipalities.