All for our environment


25 July 2023

An update to the “Ana Boundif” app for the 4th edition of b7arblaplastic

An update to the “Ana Boundif” app for the 4th edition of b7arblaplastic

The “Ana Boundif” app is refreshing its features for the 4th edition of b7arblaplastic, in order to convey good practices and uses related to environmental issues. Playful and interactive, while embracing a smooth and simplified educational approach; the app incorporates, through its new features, captivating thematic videos, crafted with motion design animations, making the content even more appealing and interactive.

In its new version, the app also offers geolocated challenges. A QR code encourages young people to scan the code during various awareness workshops organized in collaboration with the partners of the Mohammed VI Foundation for Environmental Protection, alongside the b7arblaplastic campaign, in order to earn virtual rewards for their active participation. Once a certain number of accumulated points is reached, these virtual rewards transform into tangible solutions such as water bottles, reusable bags, etc., a substitution of the polluting objects used in daily life with eco-friendly alternatives, actively encouraging users to adopt eco-friendly alternatives in their daily routines. For an even more enjoyable aspect, the new version of the “Ana Boundif” app holds even more surprises in store for users through its wheel of fortune, enabling users to win even more gifts, extra points, and much more.

The app also provides young users with the opportunity to express themselves through interactive surveys, strengthening this way the link with them.

Furthermore, the app taps into the language of youth: Gaming. An immersive experience that engages young people by actively involving them in environmental protection. Gaming is being repositioned as a medium that allows young people to have fun while also taking action for environmental protection; through a learning process that leads to sustainable changes in environmental practices.

The instant group chat allows users to exchange and evolve around good practices related to environmental protection.

Sponsorship is also rewarded by offering benefits to users who share and invite their circle to join the app. Digital badges are consequently awarded to the most engaged users as a gift for their loyalty, encouraging others to do the same, in order to obtain them in turn.

Lastly, the app ensures a strict and rigorous protection of its users’ data. The collected data is permanently and regularly deleted, providing users a secure gaming space for all.