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15 June 2022

The Mohammed VI Foundation for Environmental Protection kicks off Clean Beaches 2022

The Mohammed VI Foundation for Environmental Protection kicks off Clean Beaches 2022

The program covers 106 beaches from Saïdia on the Mediterranean all the way South to Dakhla, on the Atlantic. 

The 23rd edition of Clean Beaches, the flagship program of the Mohammed VI Foundation for Environmental Protection, chaired by HRH Princess Lalla Hasnaa, features 106 beaches, 28 of which hoist the Blue Flag, to provide vacationers with a clean, well-equipped, safe and vibrant beach environment.

This operation, essential for coastline cleanliness and protection and covers over one hundred beaches, often the country’s busiest.  Sixty-eight local authorities, backed by supervisory authorities, DGCL, government departments in charge of coastal management, 26 business partners and over one hundred local associations will join efforts over three months to raise awareness and educate vacationers, ensure bathing water and sand quality, equip beaches, provide security and sanitary coverage, and enforce order and the rule of law.  This year, Clean Beaches welcomes back a historical partner in the National Federation of Moroccan Scouts and renews with summer camps operated by the Ministry of Youth, Culture, and Communication.  Pilot libraries are to be installed on five beaches in collaboration with the same ministry, to disseminate sustainable development education.  As in 2021, diving associations will run the Ocean-Man awareness initiative to collect plastic waste from the seabed. 

Children will be educated on plastic pollution on beaches as part of Operation #b7arblaplastic.  As in the past three summers, children will learn of the volume of plastic waste ending on beaches and sea beds. 

The massive influx of visitors to the coastline is an opportunity for the Foundation to conduct extensive awareness-raising and educational work to protect our oceans, which are fundamental to climate regulation.  The United Nations identified the conservation of oceans as Sustainable Development Goal No. 14. 

The Foundation, together with municipalities and other partners, extends operation #b7arblaplastic for the third consecutive summer, from June 15 to September 15.  The International Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) in recognition of the interest and quality of the operation, voted it Best Practice, out of 4425 Blue Flag beaches worldwide, in 2020. 

Operation #bharblaplastic combats plastic pollution primarily targeting young people, raising awareness via digital media.  Participants pursue three main objectives:

  • « 10 tons less plastic trash per beach », 
  • « 40,000 environmental awareness actions », 
  • « 2 million youths sensitized. »

All plastic waste collected is to reprocessed by industrial units, in a circular economy that the operation has developed starting in 2021. 

This year Foundation also hosted the 4th edition of the Lalla Hasnaa Sustainable Coastline Trophies, as part of the Decade of Ocean Sciences for Sustainable Development.  The five categories (Clean Beaches Program Awards, Sharing and Living Environment Awards, Protection and Enhancement of Natural Heritage Awards, Education and Youth Awards, and Social and Environmental Responsibility Awards) encourage all stakeholders to participate in protecting the coastline and oceans.