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Salé - November 13, 2019 : Lalla Hasnaa Sustainable Coast Trophies awarded 24 projects



This Wednesday, November 13, 2019, at the Hassan II International Center for Environment Training in Bouknadel, was held the ceremony of presentation of the third edition of the Lalla Hasnaa Sustainable Coastal Awards, under the presidency of Her Royal Highness Princess Lalla Hasnaa. The Trophies rewarded the best initiatives taken for the protection of the coastline in the five categories of the competition:


The "Clean Beaches" trophies

• Development of the beach of Sidi Kankouch1, sponsored by the Crédit Agricole group of Morocco

• Development of the beach of Souiria Kdima, sponsored by the OCP group

• The eco-friendly summer camps and the fight against pollution on the beach of Dahomey, sponsored by Barid Al Maghrib

• The Saidia Beach Cleanliness Brigade, sponsored by the Homarcom Group

• The actions of awareness-raising, and sports, cultural and artistic activities for the benefit of Bouznika beach's youth and visitors, sponsored by the National Office of electricity and water.


The trophies "Sharing and living environment"

• "weigh your bag and win a fabric" at the beach of Haouzia, sponsored by the Fondation Banque Populaire,

• The operation "stones and pebbles" at the beach of Oued El Marsa, sponsored by the North Africa Tobacco company,

• The program "our young people are the best friends of the sea environment", carried out by the company Al Marjane of diving and water sports at the Marina of Salé

• The initiative "All to protect our maritime heritage", carried out by the Association of Champions of Fnideq for underwater sports and the protection of the environment.


The trophies "Protection and enhancement of natural heritage"

• "Circuit of marine treasures of the Atlantic", organized by the Moroccan Association for research and underwater archaeological protection in Safi

• The "manufacture and immersion artificial reefs", organized by the Agency for the development of the Marchica lagoon site

• The ecology and upgrading of the algal biomass of the Mediterranean coast of the eastern region, carried out by the University of Mohammed 1st of Oujda

• The development of the Japanese Sargassum, a brown alga of the Atlantic coasts, undertaken by the Faculty of sciences of El Jadida

• The projects of creation of a natural site at the valley of Sakia El Hamra, by the Anfis Association for the Environment and Agricultural Development of Foum El Oued


The "Education and Youth" trophies

• The Ocean Sciences Forum, organized by the Safi Polydisciplinary Faculty under the Cadi Ayyad University

• The "Eco Coast" project, led by the Ecologia Association for Environment Education

• The Dalia Beach Library, created by the Tangier Med Foundation

• The Coastal Environment Education and Awareness Program, carried out at the M'Diq beach by the National Airports Offie (ONDA)

• A youtube educational channel "the protectors of nature", created by Soufiane Hafidi.


The prize "social and environmental responsibility of organizations"

• Environmental education and awareness activities carried out by the commune of Agadir

• The preservation of the bay of Essaouira by the establishment of a mobile and compact treatment plant, carried out by Cohin Environnement Morocco

• "Eaucean Galerie", a concrete contribution to the preservation of the coastline, by Lydec

• "Our cleanest beach", by the Association of the champions of Fnideq for underwater sports and the protection of the environment

• "The beach of Foum El Oued is the friend of all", actions in favor of the people with special needs, an initiative of the Association in support of disabled people in Laayoune.


The Lalla Hasnaa Sustainable Coast Trophies thus reward 24 initiatives, each in their own way, contributing to the protection of the coastline.

This third edition proved to be very prolific. 130 projects were submitted by the various candidates, one-third from associations and one from public and private organizations and universities. These projects have been carefully studied and decided by a jury of experts, scientists, journalists, communication managers and other actors of sustainable development.

The Lalla Hasnaa Trophies of the Mohammed VI Foundation for the Protection of the Environment want to stimulate the sensitivity to the environment in a country rich in 3500 km of coast, where the pressure of man is always stronger. By rewarding citizen initiatives wherever they come from, she hopes to induce awareness and general mobilization for the coast





Development of the beach of Souiria Kdima, sponsored by the OCP group

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