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1 June 2016

June 1, 2016 : 22 beaches labeled Blue Flag this summer

June 1, 2016 : 22 beaches labeled Blue Flag this summer

These are the following ranges (see map ) :

1. Achakar/Tanger-Asilah

2. Aglou sidi moussa/Tiznit

3. Arekmane/Nador

4. Ba-kacem/Tanger-Asilah

5. Bouznika

6. Skhirate

7. El Moussafir/Dakhla

8. Essaouira

9. Foum loued / Laâyoune

10. Haouzia

11. Dalia /Fahs Anjra

12. Oued Aliane /Fahs-Anjra 13. Oualidia

14. Oued Laou/Tétouan

15. Oum labouir/Dakhla

16. Safi

17. Saidia

18. Sidi Rahal

19. Souiria lkdima/Safi

20. Station touristique de Saidia

21. Cap Beddouza/Safi

22. Agadir

The Blue Flag was created by the FEE. It floats over 4154 beaches and marinas in 49 countries in Europe, Africa, America or the Caribbean or the Pacific. Since its introduction by the Foundation in 2002, it looks more and more beaches from 5 in 2005 to 22 this year. An increase that reflects the Foundation’s efforts and its partners for the Clean Beaches program launched in 1999.

The granting of the label to a beach on the basis of respect for families of four criteria: quality of bathing water, information, awareness and education to the environment, health and safety, and finally planning and management. These criteria are monitored throughout the year by a national committee led by the Mohammed VI Foundation for the Protection of the Environment.

The Blue Flag

The Blue Flag is a symbol of an exemplary environmental quality.

Created by the French office of the Foundation for Environmental Education in Europe in 1985, this label is managed worldwide by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE), a network of NGOs 73 countries to promote and implement awareness programs and environmental education.

The Blue Flag values each year municipalities and marinas that lead permanently sustainable tourism development policy.

Now present in 49 countries on all continents, the Blue Flag has become a world reference in the fields of tourism, environment and sustainable development.

Guarantor of good environmental quality, the Blue Flag vehicle dynamic positive image among vacationers as residents. In this sense, it also promotes a general awareness towards behavior more respectful of nature and its resources. Excellent quality of the environment is an added value in the choice of holiday destinations. This criterion is increasingly regarded and appreciated by European tourists.

For a tourist, go on a beach labeled Blue Flag is to choose a site with a number of facilities and planning to control and minimize the impact of intensive tourism.

Recycling bins used to raise awareness of waste recycling. The presence of health keeps quality of bathing water. Safety and accessibility for swimming for all are also taken into account, as information on the quality of bathing water and the local fauna and flora. The municipalities involved in the label organized during the summer outreach activities to the environment in different forms.