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13 June 2016

13 June 2016: Moroccan Students winners of three prizes in the international contest of the Young Reporters for the Environment Program

13 June 2016: Moroccan Students winners of three prizes in the international contest of the Young Reporters for the Environment Program

Two written reports and one photograph have been awarded by the international jury of the Young Reporters for the Environment contest (YRE).

The work of the young reporters for the environment of three winners high schools have been distinguished on the 5th of June 2016 in the international contest. The written report of the students of OuledOuchichhigh school inKsar El Kébir, students from Hassan IbnThabet high school in Nador, and the photograph of IbnZouhrhigh school inOuezzane, were selected by the international jury composed of representatives from UNEP, UNESCO, Wrigley Foundation, journalist and correspondent for the Nordic countries, Founding Director of, FEE Board of Directors member, and the responsible for YRE.

They were competing with 125 submissions for International Competition: 43 in Article, 44 in Picture, 36 in Video category, 2 International Collaboration category, from 25 countries

“Save Ksar El Kebir Gardens!” a written report of OuledOuchich high school in Ksar El Kébir on the neglect of green spaces in their city, awarded 2nd prize in the international contest, age category 11-14 years old, whereas “A Waste paper… a Lost Tree” the written report of Hassan IbnThabet high school in Nadoris about the consequences of paper consumption has been awarded the 3rd place internationally, age category 19-21 years old. Last but not least, the photograph of IbnZouhr high school in Ouezzane earned the 2nd prize internationally, age category 19-21 years old for the photograph “the last call” on waste.

The international jury deliberated after the national committee rendered its judgment. In Morocco, the jury of the 14th edition of the YRE contest conducted by the Mohammed VI Foundation for Environmental Protection launched the results on the 12th of April 2016, awarding six written reports and seven photographs.

The contest new mandatory criteria about dissemination of the works in minimum three Medias have not diminished the enthusiasm of the participants that remains numerous. 591 middle and high school students from 120 schools, supervised by 112 professors have participated to the written report contest, while in the photograph contest, 955 middle and high school students from 209 schools, supervised by 194 professors.

For this edition, the participating students from the age categories (11-14, 15-18, 19-21) worked on the ecological footprint.

The winners of the national and international contest and their supervisors received tablets that will be distributed on the occasion of the provincial and regional celebrations.

The Mohammed VI Foundation for Environmental Protection that introduced the Young reporters for the Environmental contest created by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) is active in 30 countries and congratulated the participants for their force of proposals and creativity.  

Results of National and International Contests

Results of the Written Reports

Save Ksar El Kebir GardensInternational Prize

11-14 years old – Awareness Prize nationally and 2nd Prize internationally

OuledOuchich High School – Ksar El Kebir–TangerTétouan Al Hoceima Academy

Ensablementin Es-Smara

15-18 years old –Patriotism Prize

MoulayRachid High School, Es-Smara, LaâyouneSakia El Hamra Academy

The smell which permeates Agouray

15-18 years old –Proximity Prize

Yaacoub Mansour High School – Hajeb – FèsMeknès Academy

How the city transports decline the health and the environment?

15-18 years old–National Committee Prize

Mohammed Abdelkarim El KhattabiHigh School– Nador – Oriental Academy

Casablanca Tramway, a Locomotive for Ecological Development

15-18 years old –Prize of the Ecological Approach

IbnHaitham High School, SidiBernoussi, Casablanca Settat Academy

How can we benefit from technology without increasing the ecological footprint?

15-18 years old–Theme of the year Prize

Othman IbnAfaneHigh School- AinChoq – Casablanca Settat Academy

A Waste paper… a Lost TreeInternational Prize

19-21 years old–Awakening Award nationallyand 3rdPrize internationally

Hassan IbnThabetHigh School– Nador– Oriental Academy

Results of the Photographs

The Environmentally-friendly tram

11-14 years old – Prize of the Ecological Approach

Mohammed ZerktouniMiddle School– Rabat – RabatSaléKénitra Academy

Until when the Black Smoke !

15-18 years old-Awareness Prize

TakadoumKénitra High School- Kénitra- Rabat SaléKénitra Academy

Our beaches between the blue of life and death

15-18 years old – Contrast Prize

Hassan IIHigh School- OuedEddahab- DakhlaOuedEddahabAcademy

Thebottle inverted technique irrigation in the preservation of the water resource

15-18 years old–Initiative Prize

OuledMoumenaHigh School- Chichaoua- Marrakech SafiAcademy

Too Late for me, but save my children !!

15-18 years old–Choc Photograph Prize

Abdellah GuenounHigh School- MoulayRachid- CasablancaSettatAcademy

The Last CallInternational Prize

19-21 years old – Awakening Award nationally and 2nd Prize internationally

IbnZouhrHigh School- Ouezzane- TangerTétouan Al HoceimaAcademy