All for our environment


7 February 2024

Acquisition of the Green Flag by 89 schools for the academic year 2022/2023: A new record in the Eco-Schools program!

Acquisition of the Green Flag by 89 schools for the academic year 2022/2023: A new record in the Eco-Schools program!

The Eco-schools program, standing as one of the flagship program of the Mohammed VI Foundation for Environmental Protection, set a new record with 89 schools awarded the Green Flag this academic year (2022/2023), surpassing the 74 eco-schools recognized in the previous year. This label serves to crown three academic seasons of dedicated work in raising awareness and educating engaged schoolchildren to implement the program, linking it with the academic curricula and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.
This awareness subsequently translates into positive change among all school stakeholders, fostering an environmentally responsible behavior among pupils for the preservation of the environment both inside and beyond the school premises.

With no less than 800 schools applying, all 89 eco-schools should be proud in joining a select group of eco-schools with demonstrated environmental commitment, built on the hard work of eco-schoolers and their supervisors, as they progress through a labeling process that revolves around 3 core themes: water management, energy and waste management.

As for the remaining schools nominated for the program certificates, 188 schools achieved the silver certificate by working on two key themes, while 401 schools received the bronze certificate by focusing on primary theme. This is all in accordance with the program’s progressive approach.

Continuing the efforts made by schools to raise awareness and engage all stakeholders, especially pupils, 92 eco-schools reaffirmed their commitment and engagement by renewing the Green Flag label. This was achieved through the implementation of the program methodologies and focusing on the 4 complementary themes (Safeguarding Biodiversity, Healthy nutrition, Climate Change, Solidarity) or enhancing efforts related to the three main topics.

Moreover, and for the 4th consecutive year, students were given another opportunity to stand-out through the “Once upon a time, an eco-school” competition for good practice. This open competition is for students of schools that have been awarded the Green Flag. The current edition witnessed the participation of 120 video entries, with 20 videos being selected from 8 regional academies of education and training of the kingdom.

In this competition, students showcase the best practices adopted by their eco-schools in videos lasting no more than 3 minutes, addressing a different subject every year. this year’s theme was water conservation. This year, 114 students, 20 supervisors and 20 school principals were honored, each receiving the latest-generation electronic tablets. The awarded tablets were presented to students, supervisors, and principals during a regional celebration organized to acknowledge their commendable efforts.