All for our environment


10 June 2020

Adapting to our “environment”

Adapting to our “environment”

Under the circumstances imposed by the coronavirus pandemic, humanity is living a special period of time in which the main keywords are “lockdown” and “social distancing”. The health crisis we are experiencing has led us to change several aspects of our behavior.

The Mohammed VI Foundation for Environmental Protection has brought change to its organization by adapting to this context. In fact, remote work has replaced office work for all of our internal resources. We are still mobilized to work toward fulfilling our missions and continue our efforts to raise awareness on environmental issues.

In an effort to maintain contact during this period of lockdown and to ensure uninterrupted links with all of its partners, the Foundation continues to play its role of raising awareness on current issues through organizing, in partnership with The Hassan II International Center for Environmental Training, the Foundation’s academic arm for environmental education, a series of webinars for the attention of its community (sponsors, general public, associative and academic partners).

These webinars dealt with several topics: “Waste Regulation, Law 28.00” by Mr. Mustapha Brakez, expert in urban waste management, “The Impacts of Covid-19 on the Environment” moderated by Mr. Abdellah Mokssit, international expert in climate change, a debate on “Clean Beaches and the 2020 B7arblastic campaign” moderated by the Foundation’s Coastal Protection team, and “For a Recovery through Green Economy” moderated by Mr. Saïd Mouline, Director General of the ‘Moroccan Agency for Energy Efficiency (AMEE).

Within this continuous mobilization context, WhatsApp groups have been created to gather our programs’ communities: Eco-Schools, Coastal Protection, Air / Climate, and Sustainable Tourism to exchange on best practices as well as on the measures to be taken in response to Covid-19.

14 videos were produced as well as 8 posters, related to raising awareness of Covid-19, were elaborated and have been widely shared via Facebook and Instagram by the Young Reporters for the Environment. It is important to note that since its launch in 2002, the Young Reporters for the Environment program has seen the participation of more than 25 000 young middle and high school students and more than 8 600 supervising teachers.

In this regard, the teaching staff, in general, and our regional and provincial coordinating partners deserve our praise and gratitude for their commitment towards our children during this period of lockdown. We would also like to express our gratitude to the medical staff, security forces and authorities, and all those who continue to work outside their homes in order to provide essential infrastructure and essential goods, such as transportation, distribution of food products and medicines. Last but not least, our special thanks go to the people in charge of waste collection. All of these brave people represent the functioning core of our society and thanks to them, most of us are able to stay at home.