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11 July 2016

July 11, 2016: Clean Beaches opens its 17th season

July 11, 2016: Clean Beaches opens its 17th season

The flagship program of The Mohammed VI Foundation for the Protection will cover 89 beaches of the kingdom.

89 beaches of the Kingdom, from Saidia to Dakhla, will participate this summer 2016 in the Clean Beaches program. Launched in 1999 by Her Royal Highness Princess Lalla Hasna, this program which was then a simple cleaning operation, now is a complete environmental program, concerning cleanliness, security, entertainment, education and awareness-raising.

The Foundation quickly federated around its program the coastal municipalities, whether rural or urban, the General Directorate of Local Authorities, civil society, leading economic partners. 29 public and private enterprises support 44 municipalities. The number of the program’s beaches and attendance has increased rapidly in 2015, the beaches had received more than 100 million visitors throughout the summer.

This year, they should be very many to go every day on the beaches of the program, to sought for their cleanliness particularly, the quality of their management, their security. For Clean Beaches program, acclaimed by summer visitors, is an impressive organization: 2200 mobilized lifeguards, 69 beaches equipped by sea marks, 54 first aid centers run by medical staff and volunteers from the Moroccan Red Crescent, … It is also entertainment and educational activities for sustainable development that will focus this summer on the information of tourists, especially the younger ones, on the COP 22 that welcomes Morocco and the effects of climate change.

Clean Beaches is mostly become a model of organization and beach management. The Foundation supports the coastal managers of the municipalities by developing technical tools of beach management. Beach use and management plans (PUGP)have become a required tool for each beach. A beach management manual was developed in 2015. Information and training sessions of three days each with the use of this manual were held in partnership with General Directorate of Local Authorities, from Tuesday April 26 to Thursday, June 2. 120 technical managers responsible for managing the beaches of 56 coastal municipalities within 25 wilayas and prefectures. The Clean Beaches program has focused on the entire coast, from the beach to the beach back.

The more advanced Clean Beaches, organize themselves to raise the precious Blue Flag, an international eco-label developed by the Foundation for Environmental Education and relocated to Morocco by the Foundation. They will be 22 to be entitled in 2016 to hoist this ecolabel, against 23 in 2015. A slight decline assumed perfectly: the Blue Flag has revised its criteria grid, becoming much more demanding. The fact that 22 beaches in the kingdom, among the busiest, had obtained this ecolabel, shows how today they have been sensitized to the environment to be at the height of the area’s best beaches in the world.

The Trophies Lalla Hasnaa Sustainable Coastline, whose second edition was launched in April, is a source of additional motivation: municipalities, business partners such as associations are activated to conduct remarkable or original initiatives, hoping that the results will make the winners trophies.