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23 April 2020

April 23, 2020 “Clean Beaches 2020” launch webinar

April 23, 2020 “Clean Beaches 2020” launch webinar

The “Clean Beaches 2020” operation launch webinar took place on Thursday, April 23, 2020, with 86 partners participating, including economic partners, local authorities, NGOs, the national Clean Beaches committee and hoteliers involved in the #B7arBlaplastic 2019 campaign.

Objectives of this webinar included:

– Sharing the updated vision of global dynamics pertaining to SDO14 implementation and introducing the Foundation’s ‘Seas & Oceans’ strategy in line with these dynamics.

– Presentation of B7arblaplastic 2020 operational mechanisms and thematic orientations.

Modelled on the #B7arblaplastic 2019 campaign, and inspired by a vision that is both compelling and avant-garde in many respects, the 2020 campaign is to be better equipped, synchronized and coordinated.

In addition to combating plastic waste, this year edition addresses other awareness-raising themes including marine plastic pollution and how it contributes to climate change  and the deterioration of marine and coastal ecosystems. New orientations are based on United Nations Oceans 2020 conference tracks, and societal goals of the Decade of Ocean Sciences.

The fruitful exchanges during the webinar were aimed at better preparing the 2020 #B7arblaplastic campaign in the unique context of the Covid-19 pandemic.

To this end, environmental education activities were adapted and carried out in accordance with health authority resolutions.  Social distancing and barrier measures are to be complied with.  Passive environmental education activities such as online training and webinars are to be encouraged.