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30 June 2019

Clean Beaches under the theme of fighting against plastics #b7arblaplastic

Clean Beaches under the theme of fighting against plastics #b7arblaplastic

For its 20th season, the Clean Beaches program aims to educate Moroccans about plastic pollution and to reduce their plastics use.

Every summer, the kingdom’s beaches receive more than 100 million visits. These venues have become one of Moroccans’ favorite holiday resorts. Keeping this shared space clean throughout the summer season is the challenge that the Clean Beach program of the Mohammed VI Foundation for the Protection of the Environment has been facing for the last 20 years.

More than a hundred beaches, mostly the most popular in the country, benefit from this necessary operation for coastal cleanliness and protection. 63 local authorities supported by the DGCL, 27 economic partners and more than a hundred local associations are mobilized for nearly three months to educate and raise the awareness of beach users, monitor the bathing water and sand quality, equip beaches, ensure safety, enforce order and regulations.

This year, the Clean Beaches operation revolves around the theme of fighting against plastic pollution. This environmental challenge is deeply worrying the international community as it has reached disturbing levels. Nearly 350 million tons of plastic is produced each year, most of which is not recycled and ends up in the oceans. Unfortunately, we currently speak of a seventh continent to refer to the huge mass of plastics suspended in the oceans.

The Clean Beaches program wants to raise Moroccans’ awareness of this important problem. Three highlight events will be held to sensitize beach visitors.

The first event is entitled “All for 10 tons less of plastic waste per beach” and will last throughout the summer season. Every beach managed by an economic partner will lead activities that shall engage beach visitors, especially children. The goal is to avoid the disposal of ten tons of plastic waste on the beach, and thus, off the ocean.

The second event will challenge its audience to spend a full day on the beach without plastic bags.

The third and final event will be the participation of the Clean Beaches program at the World Clean Up Day. This international event organized by the United Nations will bring together 18 million people in 157 countries for the largest waste collection day ever.

By setting up these three highlight event during the summer, the Mohammed VI Foundation for Environmental Protection wants, with the help of its multiple partners, to make Moroccan citizens aware that the reduction of plastic waste, which is extremely harmful to our environment and biodiversity, depends largely on every individual. Using plastics less, buying less plastic-packaged products and stopping plastic litter are simple actions that can help preserve the nature we all depend on.