All for our environment


11 July 2013

Operation “Clean Beaches” 2013, Sailing in the service of the environment

Operation “Clean Beaches” 2013, Sailing in the service of the environment

This action is carried out on several beaches in the Kingdom in partnership with the Foundation, and in collaboration with several national clubs: the Agadir Yacht Club, Dakhla Kite Surfing Association, the Essaouira Royal Yacht Club for Windsurfing, the Safi International Yacht Club, the Moroccan Olympic Club on the beach of Salé and the left bank of the Bouregreg, the El Hoceima Chabab Rif Association, the Rabat Beach Yacht Club, the Tangier Royal Yachting Club, and the El Jadida Nautical Association.


This 9th edition, which began on July 1, 2013 at all the beaches involved, will welcome a large number of vacationers for their enjoyment of boat trips, technical sailing courses, fun activities and advocacy to protect the environment through water activities.

The caravan village with fixed routes also provides workshops dedicated to the awareness and protection of the environment through water sports, led by educational facilitators.

During workshops on land, the facilitators will show vacationers navigation techniques, winds and tides, maintenance and repair of boats.

For workshops at sea, vacationers can enjoy outings on a sailboat as they learn navigation techniques.

This annual Caravan is a genuine opportunity to create activities on the Kingdom’s beaches during the summer, and thus raise awareness by putting sailing in the service of the environment.