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September 4, 2017 : More than 60 primary schools are awarded the Green Flag in 2017

163 Eco-schools were committed to obtain the label "Green Flag" of the Mohammed VI Foundation for Environmental Protection; A record which shows the enthusiasm of this program in Morocco.

At the start of the school year 2017, 67 schools will host the Green Flag. They carried out successfully a process in seven stages, generally in three years, on environmental themes as water, energy, waste. Other schools, on the way towards the label, have validated a stage of the process: 45 won a silver certificate and 51 a bronze certificate.

In total, 163 schools have integrated the program, against 119 the previous school year, that is, almost half (+44 %). 2460 pupils, supervised by 490 professors, coordinators of the program, strove to make their school progress in the environmental protection.

This is the principle of the program Eco-schools, of which the Green Flag is the consecration: to sensitize children about the environment by bringing them to realize concrete actions in their school or their surroundings.

For example, the eco-schoolers organized, with the association of the parents of pupils of each of their establishment, sessions of sensitization to teach mothers to reduce their consumption of water and electricity. Supported by Bills of electricity and water of their school, the pupils showed, thanks to simple gestures and good environmental management, how they had reduced the amount paid at the end of every month by their school.

In the Eco-school "Abdelmoumen de Rabat", the pupils from 5 to 6 years old created a game to reuse the caps of bottles. This game allows them to learn about numbers and mathematics. In Ouarzazate, the pupils of the Eco-school Naciria, situated near the solar power plant of Ouarzazate, developed a solar oven.

Several other themes were discussed by Eco pupils: management of water, energy, waste management, biodiversity, food, climate change, and solidarity.

This pedagogy by the example is the foundation of the Eco-schools program deployed by the Foundation for environmental Education (FEE) in 68 countries. In Morocco, where the Mohammed VI Foundation for Environmental Protection introduced it in 2006 in partnership with the Ministry of National Education, Vocational Training, Higher Education and Scientific Research, the program passed in ten years from 17 to 1636 registered schools among which 44% are urban and 56% rural. Today, this represents 755.868 Eco-schoolers of 6 and 12 years old and 24.473 teachers were sensitized.

Eco-schools and Green Flag, an international program present in 68 countries.

Eco-schools is a pedagogical tool The objective is to inculcate pupils with the notions of sustainable development, of environmentally-friendly behaviors and lifestyles. It is an international program of the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE), which plans to educate and make sensitive the pupils to the environment. This education aims to be at the same time playful and turned to action.

Every school follows a process of change in seven stages to bring the young people to lead actions everywhere where they can. Over time, this process results in visible improvements, at the same time in the results of the learning, in the behavior of the pupils and the populations, and in the end, in the environment. At the end of the process, schools win a Green Flag.

Eco-schools program is one of the flagship programs of the Foundation for environmental Education (FEE). Today, more than 68 countries in the world adopted it. In Morocco, it was implanted by the Mohammed VI Foundation for Environmental Protection in 2006 in partnership with the Ministry of National Education, Vocational Training, Higher Education and Scientific Research. 1636 schools are registered on it among which 44% rural and 56 urban. 283 have awarded the Green Flag, 71 schools a silver certificate and 93 a bronze certificate.


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