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21 December 2010

October 21, 2003 : Lalla Hasnaa Clean Beaches 2003 Trophy: true winners.

October 21, 2003 : Lalla Hasnaa Clean Beaches 2003 Trophy: true winners.


Therefore, the Mohammed VI Foundation, the sponsors and municipalities signed partnership agreements every three years based on the Blue Flag criteria, henceforth the reference to be targeted. For 2003, nearly 24 million dirhams were invested.

A methodically and transparently conducted process:

In March, a monitoring committee composed of different ministries such as the Ministries for Environment, Health, Infrastructure, Interior, and Civil Defense, and the public and private sectors represented by CGEM, was commissioned by the Foundation to conduct the 2003 campaign as directed by HRH Princess Lalla Hasnaa.

– As a result, an information and awareness day in the presence of sponsors and the chairmen of communes was held in Rabat on March 11, 2003. This event had the aim of explaining the new approach to the “Clean Beaches” Program which henceforth forms part of the gradual introduction of the “Blue Flag” label to Moroccan beaches, and the adoption of a 3-year program entailing an agreement between the sponsors and municipalities.

-A Practical Guide to Health and Safety at beaches was published in May 2003 by a committee composed of officials of the ministries of Health, Equipment, Interior, Tourism, Civil Defense and the Mohammed VI Foundation. Indeed, the upgrading of hygiene and safety on beaches is an essential component for the improvement of these locations of high public frequentation. The aim of this publication is to better guide external services with regard to the implementation of measures addressing health and safety on beaches. This guide is for the communes, the external services of the Ministry of Health, Infrastructure and Civil Defense, and the Moroccan Red Crescent operating in the various provinces and prefectures of the Kingdom.

-Meetings with local committees set up for this purpose were held to ascertain the progress, monitoring, development and speedy implementation of the actions designated in the programs and to provide assistance to the sponsors and municipal officials, geared to successful achievement of the “Clean Beaches 2003 Operation”.

-Visits were organized to these beaches for in situ inquiries on the actions undertaken at the local level for these public venues.

Thus, from July 15 to July 29, 2003, the first informational and support visits took place to:
-Observe the progress of programs dealing with beach equipment, maintenance and animation

-Meet with local committees to discuss the key areas of their programs and their commitment to complete the implementation of these programs on time to rule out any belatedness that could prove detrimental to the successful performance of this operation.

-Take into account the problems experienced in the field for analysis and comparison of the proposals and options making it possible to draw conclusions for the upcoming season.

Following these visits, an assessment grid for the “Clean Beaches” Operation was devised by the Committee (see schedule attached). This grid is the basis for granting of the Lalla Hasnaa Trophy.

From July 23 to September 4, 2003, unannounced visits to various beaches took place by the committee consisting of the representatives of the relevant ministries.

The second unannounced visit took inspiration from the FEE (Foundation for Environmental Education) to demonstrate the sustainability and longevity of the endeavors put forth.

These checks carried out by Committee members focused on hygiene and public health equipment (sanitary facilities, showers, etc …), employees and emergency equipment for civil defense, health and care centers, clean sand and cleaning procedures, awareness raising and leadership, as well as the cooperation mechanisms between the authorities and the sponsor.

2003 Lalla Hasnaa Trophy

After due deliberation, it was decided to award:

The trophy for the exceptional effort to the Office Chérifien des Phosphates and the Municipality of Foum El Oued,  Laayoune province, for the action taken on Foum El Oued Beach in a spirit of total coordination, and to Redal and CGSP Onyx Maroc and the local Salé government for their actions on the Salé beach.

The commitment trophy awarded to Ms. Amina EL MARHOUM, Administrator at the Division of Urban Affairs and Planning of the Prefecture of Essaouira, and Mr. Hassan OUBACHA, Head of Division at the Office of Essaouira Port Authority, and project managers for the Essaouira beach sponsored by the Port Authority.

The trophy for innovation awarded to the National Office of Drinking Water for its work on the diversion of wastewater from Bouznika beach, and refurbishing of the Rabat beach.

The initiative trophy awarded for the remarkable action carried out by the National Federation of Moroccan Scouts, including awareness raising and education among holidaymakers at the beaches of Saïdia, Tangier, Essaouira and Agadir in partnership with the HOLMARCOM Group, Maroc Telecom, the Port Authority and Royal Air Maroc represented by its subsidiary, the Société Touristique de la Royal Air Maroc (Sotoram).

The individual commitment trophy awarded to Mr. Mohamed BOUAZAOUI, the Fondation Banque Populaire pour l’Education et la Culture, a recreational monitor at the beach of Ras R’mel in Larache Province.