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May 15,2014 : Environmental training for young journalist from Northern and Western Africa

The Mohammed VI Foundation for Environmental Protection launches its second training season for young environmental journalists.

It is not in a conventional classroom, in front of a professor, that the 30 young journalists selected will receive their training, but in front of a computer, through videoconferencing. For the second year in a row, the Foundation developed a distance teaching device which allows journalist from Northern and Western Africa to follow conferences on environment.

At the level of infrastructures, journalists are connected to a platform developed specifically, and secured, to the time at which the conference is planned. On the other side, a professor in front of a webcam provides the course.

In terms of content, the proposed conferences allow young journalists to endow themselves with a culture of environmental issues of the planet and their regions, in order to better cover the news in their media. For the second season, the program has been improved, drawing lessons from the former experiences. The subjects discussed cover biodiversity, ecosystems, water, renewable energies, and specific problems such as waste, desertification, and climate change. They are offered by Rabat University professors.

The device, is backed by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), thereafter the convention signed in Nairobi in 2013, is open to 30 journalists from the Northern and Western Africa. In 2012, 22 journalists followed the conference cycle.


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