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30th October, 2007

Her Royal Highness the Princess Lalla Hasnaa, President of Mohammed VI Foundation for the Protection of Environment Presides the ceremony for handing over « Lalla Hasnaa Trophies for Clean Beaches 2007 » Thursday 30th October, 2007

Her Royal Highness the Princess Lalla Hasnaa, President of Mohammed VI Foundation for the Protection of Environment has presided this Thursday 30th October, 2007, the ceremony for handing over Lalla Hasnaa Trophies for « Clean Beaches » 2007 » in the municipal beach of Tangier.

Supported by 27 public and private operators and by the concerned local collectivities, the 2007 edition has extended its action to 54 beaches over the territory of 37 coastal communes.

A total of 53 million dirhams have been invested by the communes and sponsors in actions for development, equipment, cleaning, waste collection, maintaining infrastructures, security, awareness and animation. At the same time, the General Department for Local Collectivities has set up, together with the concerned communes, a financing program of 8 million dirhams as specific support to 21 communes for  cleanliness equipment in favor of 27 beaches that are not included in the « Clean Beaches Program ».


The 2007 edition has been distinguished by the relocation of new « Blue Flags », thus, the number of Moroccan beaches having got this label reaches 10. Those are the beaches of Mdiq, Asilah, Skhirat, Bouznika, Agadir, Souiria Lakdima, Achakar, El Haouzia, Ain Diab and Essaouira. This certification is an international recognition that confirms the maturity of the program which has got over an important stage of environmental rehabilitation of beaches, by allowing them to get to international norms.

Trophy for commitment :

  1. The beach of Fnideq (Rifienne) : for the setting up by Maroc Telecom of equipments in wood, well integrated in the context but also for their being removable and this way they can be arranged somewhere at the end of the season and be preserved for the coming seasons. In the same context, this trophy is a reward for the action undertaken by the commune and the local authority for developing the cornice, providing it with some facilities  (parking, protected access…) which gives more value to this beach.
  2. The municipal beach of Asilah : for the quality of its infrastructures, the rigorous management and the commitment of the partners, notably :

The National Office for Railways (ONCF) which has given a good standard  image to this beach which has known a real important change well noticed by the vacationers . This development comes within the global vision for repositioning the coastline of Asilah and relocating the « Blue Flag » Label. Thus, this beach has been rewarded for all these actions of animation, environmental education that the ONCF has set up in this beach in partnership with local associations.

  1. Ain Diab Beach : for the persistent and continuous commitment of the National Office for Electricity (ONE) and Anfa Administrative District allowing an obvious evolution of the image, equipments and mainly the management of this beach. This has been achieved thanks to the continuous presence of the members of the local committee which has allowed to overcome all the problems mainly those concerning management of different activities undertaken in this beach where so many vacationers used to go.

Trophy for innovation :

  1. Mdiq beach : for the implementation of an action that has allowed to secure the swimming area. It concerns an anti-medusa net set up by the local authorities in partnership with the commune and the Agency for the Promotion and Development of the North Provinces, in order to allow vacationers to benefit quite calmly from the sea. This net of an interesting esthetic aspect has had for effect to reassure vacationers and to reinforce beacons, besides the impact on local economy.
  2. Asilah beach : making of awareness and environmental education a necessary tool for preserving the beach in particular and environment in general, the ONCF has set up in the beach an air-conditioned cinema car that broadcasts, free of charges, spots to grow young people’s awareness. The Office has also undertaken action to grow awareness in partnership with the association « Biladi Litanmia » and the Moroccan Red Crescent. This trophy rewards the work done by the Association « Biladi Litanmia » which has organized the first national summering camp for disabled persons, the first race between associations for disabled persons, workshop for growing people’s awareness towards environmental education, a thematic library and scientific workshops.
  3. Royal Club for Jet Ski and Water-ski : This trophy rewards the Royal Club for Jet Ski and Water-Ski for its rational management of water activities mainly in the municipal beach of Tangier. The water sports club has participated in preparing logistics for beacons, in helping the owners of jet ski to put their machines in water, in accompanying authority officers  (non-combatant forces) in distributing commitment papers to jet skiers and in supervising water activities.

Trophy for initiative

1.  The association « Chouâla for development and culture » and the National Agency for Ports : for actions concerning awareness, information and environmental education undertaken in the beach of Essaouira. This association has mobilized two unpaid animators in Information and Environmental Education Centre. These persons are in charge of the everyday tasks regarding information and growing awareness in a direct way and through the beach radio. The association is in charge of distributing pamphlets and flyers and informing vacationers about the « Blue Flag » label.

2. Agadir Beach : the Royal Air Maroc has set up a village for animation and education and a park for children’s games. This village animated by pedagogical specialists provides vacationers with many actions : play and educational activities (puzzles at a large scale representing the main messages of Boundif family for growing people’s awareness, as well as cultural and sports actions. Besides, the RAM has printed a large set of pamphlets and documents for growing awareness and environmental education (flyers…).

3. Bouznika beach : the National Office for Drinkable Water (ONEP) has made a great effort in developing a village for animation, awareness and environmental education in favor of the vacationers in Bouznika beach,  with removable equipment made of wood. This village offers numerous varied activities along the season, particularly an action related to the promotion of sports for disabled persons by organizing, in partnership with the « Moroccan association for physically handicapped persons », a sport competition day between vacationers coming from Benslimane, Bouznika, Rabat and its region.

4. Lalla Meryem beach : Lydec has undertaken many actions for growing vacationers’ awareness along the summer season. This awareness has been achieved through  bulletin boards containing different information : quality of swimming waters, significance. It has also been made through the beach radio set up for the period July-August which continuously broadcasted messages to encourage vacationers to preserve the beach clean. Some tools helping for growing people awareness, made by Lydec, have been distributed to children in the beach ; these tools deal with different themes related to environment : water cycle, history of drop of water, history of the electron,… This trophy rewards also the growing awareness action led by Lydec in the associative space in Ain Diab beach which has consisted in popularizing systems for drinkable water supply and drainage through reduced models, for the benefit of young people.

During this ceremony, and in recognition of the personnal action undertaken by Her Royal Highness the Princess Lalla Hasna, President of Mohammed VI Foundation for the Protection of Environment, in favor of the protection of environment and the coastline, Her Highness has received the title of « Embassador of the Coast » by the Action Plan for the Mediterranean (PAM) reporting to the United Nations Program for Environment (UNPE).

The Title has been given to Her Royal Highness by Mr. Ivica Trumbic, Director of the Centre for Regional Activities for the Priority Actions Program (CAR/PAP) in Split-Croatia in the presence of Mr. Mourad Wahba, the Resident representing the UNPD, and the Resident coordinating the United Nations System in Morocco.

Press contact : Mr. Hassan Taleb

In charge of the « Clean Beaches » Program

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