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January 26, 2005


Her Royal Highness Princess Lalla Hasnaa Presided the Meeting of the Board of Director of Mohamed VI Foundation for the Protection of Environment  - 2005


Her Royal Highness Princess lalla Hasnaa presided, in Wednesday January 26, 2005, at offices of Mohamed VI Foundation for the Protection of Environment, the meeting of the board of Director for the year 2005. The meeting examined the financial report of the closing year 2004 and adopted the budgets for the year 2005.


Her Royal Highness reminded the meeting of the main actions realized by the Foundation during the closing year and presented the prospects for the year 2005 characterized mainly by the launching of the campaign of controlling exhaust gas, the sponsoring of the historic gardens of Jnan Sbil in Fez, of the Hermitage and the park of the Arab league in Casablanca, as well as the setting up of the Blue Flag in a number of pilot sites and focused on the importance allocated by the Foundation to environmental education and the need to support and develop the Program of Young Environment Reporters. The development of environmental education is one of the leading projects of the Foundation.

Clean Beaches Program together with the relocation of the Blue Flag Label in Morocco constitutes an important stage in the process of the environment rehabilitation of the beaches. The commitment of the partners of the Foundation enabled the partners to start a pilot experience in the sites chosen in 2005.

Her Royal Highness recalled the convention concluded with the Ministry of National Education, High Education Staff Training and Scientific Research relating to the establishment of the Program of Young Environment Reporters Young Reporters, and the elaboration and distribution of pedagogical kit to all primary school of the kingdom. A pilot project has been realized in Attanmia School in Sala Al Jadida, characterized by providing the school club « la main à la pâte » with a gas kiln enabling thus to the development of pottery activities in favor of the pupils.

Her Royal Highness announced the launching of the control operation to be carried out by the Royal Gendarmerie and the Police Department in the main Kénitra- El Jadida road as of February 2005. Such operation is a part of an overall program of Air Quality introduced by the Foundation, along with an important program of public awareness of training in favor of the different partners.

Concerning the program of « Blossomed Cities », it has been announced the completion of the works relating to the Cyber Park Arsat Moulay Abdeslam in Marrakech as well as the rehabilitation of the public street fountains of Salé on the one hand. On the other hand, the Board has been informed of the opening of the exotic gardens expected within the first quarter of the year 2005 which shall coincide with the end of the first phase of the works.

Her Royal Highness also informed the members of the board of the His Majesty’s instructions entrusting Mohammed IV Foundation Mohammed VI for the Protection of Environment, with the task of preparing a global reflection relating to the adequate management of the problematic of “Palmeraie Marrakech”.


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