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21 December 2010

October 11, 2004 : Lalla Hasnaa Clean Beaches Trophy for 2004: a rich edition.

October 11, 2004 : Lalla Hasnaa Clean Beaches Trophy for 2004: a rich edition.


Clean Beaches 2004 : an example of commitment, an example of success “Clean Beaches” operation for 2004 concerned 44 beaches spread all over the territories of 33 communes, thus, allowing  a great number of national summer tourists as well as foreigners  to enjoy the richness and the variety of our coastal patrimony.   24 companies have been mobilised for this edition, providing a financial support and a technical observation within the framework of a contractual partnership with the communes and the concerned local authorities.   Many important financial means have been mobilised for actions of   setting-up,  equipment,  cleaning and collecting waste  . So, about 21 million DHs have been invested by the sponsors, 80 % were devoted to the infrastructure, public health equipment and health and security, while 20 % were devoted to awareness and animation actions. The communes implemented  important infrastructure works ( providing cornices with water and energy and carrying on liquid sewerage works…etc) for which an exceptional amount of 6.5 millions Dhs was invested. It has been mobilized by the Local Commune General Direction in order to support the  communes which are suffering from a lack of equipment.    The 2004 edition was mainly characterized by : – Publishing of a nautical sport guidebook in cooperation with all the contributors among which are  the merchant marine  and the Moroccan Royal Federation of jet-ski and water- ski . – improving the sanitary cover . – Reinforcing the partnership established with the Moroccan National Federation of  Scouting which allowed the deployment of some 500 scouts for awareness, sportive and cultural animation in the beaches. – Launching  an original operation “The sail caravan for environment” organized by the Royal  Moroccan Federation for  Sail yachting, making the nautical sports, especially the sail, in the service of awareness and environmental education.   A significant progress to ameliorate the swimming water quality since many important  sewerage programs are actually carried on with diligence in Tangier, Rabat-sale, El jadida, Safi…).  On the other hand, a work has been accomplished with the concerned departments for the harmonization of  swimming water quality supervision with the analysis results publishing network.   2004 Lalla Hasnaa Trophy record After the jury deliberation, and on the basis of the evaluation chart adopted, it was decided to grant :   The exceptional effort trophy to Ciments du Maroc and Safi Urban Commune for improving the  Safi City beach  by developing  its cornice.   The commitment Trophy  to Delta Holding and  Skhirate urban commune for the group  dynamics and synergy and for having  worked within a total coordination spirit leading to   the implementation of  different actions on the field and a better daily management of Skhirate beach.   The innovation trophy to Royal Air Maroc and Agadir urban Commune for setting up  the first information and environmental education center in Agadir beach.   The initiative trophy to Foum el Oued Rural Development Association for its actions for awareness and  cleanliness of Foum El Oued beach , which are  sponsored by The Cherifian Office of  Phosphate . The same trophy was also granted to   Sidi Abed Residents’ Association ( El Harhoura-Temara) for its actions of  awareness, cleanliness and animation in Sidi Abed beach,  sponsored by the BMCE Bank.   The individual Effort Trophy to MR. Kamal Yedean, an  engineer in the technical division of Tangier-Asilah prefecture and to MR Mohamed Krim, an engineer in the National Office of Electricity, for their respective actions concerning Moulay Bouselham ,Ain Diab, and Oualidia beaches sponsored by the National Office of Electricity.