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February 2nd, 2005

The programme « Qualit’Air » lanched by the Foundation Mohammed VI for the Protection of the Environnement chaired by Her Royal Highness The Princess Lalla Hasnaa.

The programme « Qualit’Air » lanched by the Foundation Mohammed VI for the Protection of the Environnement chaired by Her Royal Highness The Princess Lalla Hasnaa.

Air Quality Program is a major and ambitious issue in the environment field aiming at improving the quality of air and precisely reducing road traffic exhaust gas pollution. Various studies, indeed, demonstrated that several Moroccan big cities witness pollution peaks of industrial and traffic origin. The said studies conclude to a significant correlation between the level of pollution and the increase of certain diseases of respiratory and ocular origin…

First open site: transport….

To fight pollution and improve the quality of air and thus protect the health of citizen, the Air Quality program fixed a number of measures and actions. The said actions and measures concern mainly the sector of road transport and require the participation and involvement of all parties concerned:

  • enforcement of the decree of exhaust gas enacted in 1997;
  • improvement of fuel quality and encouraging the use of the new types of fuel;
  • modernization of the urban bus fleet and streamlining of its management;
  • Training the agents involved in this process.

Some of these actions have been finalized, others are programmed for 2005.

Finalized actions:

  • Introduction of 350 gas oil in the Moroccan market
  • Approval of exhaust gas measurement apparatuses
  • Progressive equipment of Technical Overhauling Centers with measurement apparatuses. 164 centers over the total of 181 are already equipped, the rest are following. 
  • Certificate of annual technical overhauling control of vehicles: a new conception of the annual technical control of vehicles and a control guide of the activities of the technical overhauling centers.
  • Training of all targeted parties : garage owners,  technical overhauling agents, Gendarmerie Royal and Police reporting agents, road agents depending of the ministry of equipment and transport. The said training program has started since 2001. In 2005, more than 3.000 persons will benefit from the said training. 
  • For the control of the air quality: the Foundation  and the Department of Local  Communes have initiated an operation of controlling air quality in certain cities  of the kingdom. The equipment are in the course of acquisition and a training program is planned for their use.
  • Acquisition of exhaust gas analyzers for blank control. Thanks  to a partnership with MAMDA, about twenty apparatuses will be acquired for blank control.
  • New instructions for the urban bus companies.

Planned actions for 2005:

  • Blank control of exhaust gas will start on the road axe of Kenitra-El Jadida by the agents of the Gendarmerie Royale and the Police Department who are trained  and equipped for this operation.
  • Communication and awareness: a campaign of communication and public-awareness will start in 2005 to heighten drivers' awareness on the dangers and bad consequences of air pollution and encourage more responsible acts and behaviors to reduce environmental pollution and involve citizens.
  • Training: the training will be carried out and provided continuously to the parties involved in this process.
  • Acquisition of apparatuses for the measurement of air quality : two fixed stations and a mobile laboratory for the measurement of air quality have been acquired by the Foundation of Mohammed VI for the protection of Environment and financed by the Department of Local Communes.

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