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21 December 2010

July 15, 2004 : The ceremony for handing over the “Young Reporters for Environment’s” prizes, session 2004.

July 15, 2004 : The ceremony for handing over the “Young Reporters for Environment’s” prizes, session 2004.


Initiated in its experimental stage in 2002. It has been integrated in 2003 in the international network through the FEE (Foundation for Environmental Education). Its aim is to get our  secondarg school students in touch with their European friends through the network, thus, allowing them to exchange experience  and get more knowledge  regarding environment protection .   This third session comes within the partnership convention signed in October 2003, with the National Education and Youth Ministry, which is directly involving academies, at the local level in order to guarantee the perennity of this training.   Almost 700 students from 16 academies have participated in this 2004 session, sending to the Foundation 80 written reports and 379 photos which have all been carefully examined by the jury designed by the Foundation for this purpose. 06 written reports and 05 photo reports have been awarded a prize. The prizewinners have received a computer and a printer for written reports and a digital camera for photo reports   Prizewinning reports:

Academy Delegation Secondary school Reports’ title Nomination

Chaouia- Ouardigha


Mokhtar Soussi

Oued Zem Lake from an environnemental point of view 1st Prize « YRE »



Jaber Ibn Hayyane

Jrada environment : a heavy bill Prize for originality

Tadla- Azilal

Beni Mellal

Med V Technique

Report on waste Title : threat Prize for investigation
L’Oriental Oujda Angad Isly Abandoned gardens till further notice Prize for proximity

Souss- Massa- Darâa


Hassan II

Treatment of used waters in Tizinit city

Pertinency prize

Fès- Bouleman


Sidi Lhcen Lyoussi

Waste management in Sefrou city :reality and perspectives

Emotion prize

Prizewinning photos



Delegation High school


Taza- El Hoceima- Taounate

El Hoceima

Abi Yaakoub

El Badissi

photo « Awake »

Tanger- Tétouan


Moulay Youssef Technique

« Zoom » photo

Tadla- Azilal

Beni Mellal

Al Khaouarizmi

« best investigation photo »

Fès- Bouleman


Maysour Al Mokhtalita

Unusual photo
Tanger- Tétouan Tanger, Ibn Al Khatib.

Jury special prize


The prizewinning works were sent to Paris, to the FEE  International Coordinator for YRE so that they can compete with other students from European secondary schools. Let’s remind at this stage, that Morocco has obtained the waste prize for the entitled report: Jrada Environment : a heavy bill, which was presented by the students from Jrada Delegation, Jaber Ibn Hayyane high school.