All for our environment


15 June 2013

WEEC Closing

WEEC Closing

The Conclusion of the Seventh World Conference on Environmental Education in Marrakesh has once again demonstrated Moroco’s ability to ensure the success of such events, and at the same time confirmed the permanent engagement of Morocco in all regional and international initiatives aimed at preserving the environment.

The Royal message addressed to the conference and the actual effective presidency of Her Royal Highness Princess Lalla Hasnaa at the opening and closing ceremonies of the conference was a clear indication of the priority of the environment in the strategic choices of Morocco.

Being the first Islamic Arab country to host this conference was a distinct challenge. The Mohammed VI Foundation together with its partners succeeded in making Marrakesh the capital of environment.

The conference was concluded with excellent outcomes .Professionals, researchers and decision-makers from all points of the world were present in the conference. Different media and young reporters for environment coverage contributed to the accessibility to informations.

Once again, Morocco will depend on its future generations to respect and Protect the environment. These generations will adopt the slogan ‘ The environment is the hope.’